Well-trained employees make fewer mistakes, minimizing risk and optimizing opportunities 


RCS Influencer Wendy Marvin says that training is the lifeblood of her company.

At Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions, we create a work environment that values education.  Additional learners are openly praised.  Certificates of Completion are proudly displayed.  Our owner even discusses her own ongoing training and how it impacts her work in the industry.

Our new hires are put into a 90-day probation period.  All are paired with a seasoned roofing professional to oversee, and to assist in the implementation of OUR way of installation and repair.  Roofing is challenging, often with more than one way to complete a task.  Our company values consistency.  The consistency of our customer experience is one way to ensure future referrals.  We also understand that by replicating our processes in the field, there is a consistency of quality throughout our installations.  This is a huge part of the success of any company.

We look for ways to invest in our current employees through training.  With the current workforce shortages, employee retention is key to reducing costs.  Employees who feel invested in and valued are more likely to stay.  Customers who feel that we care enough to train our employees adequately, are more likely to trust our company.

We utilize our industry safety and product training.  Safety training meetings occur daily (teams), weekly (divisions) and monthly (entire company).  Our company also tries to focus on manufacturer training opportunities and often brings trainers in house to work with our staff.  We train with the NRCA programs, utilize other industry resources, and have recently contracted with our local Washington State University Vancouver extension to tap into additional business resources available outside of industry norms.

Inclement weather days are optimized by conducting in-house training.  Our warehouse becomes a hotbed of knowledge shared, comradery, kidding and employees feeling valued.   Each roofing professional is given a live chance to demonstrate their skills and to receive feedback from their team.  We’re often told our employees are grateful for a company that invests in their continued success.

Customer service training is a current focus.  Identifying what creates a good opportunity for interaction, how to add value by accomplishing small acts of trust, and what it feels like when that customer is appreciative of your efforts are all priorities with our company.

Training isn’t a “luxury” or a “bother” for our business, it is the lifeblood of our company.  Part of the foundation that we build our company upon.  Well trained employees make fewer mistakes, minimizing risk and optimizing opportunities.  Employees who feel valued and invested in tend to stay longer.  Making the time for training is a priority for us, as it should be for anyone who has a desire to not just exist, but to succeed in our industry.

Wendy Marvin is CEO of Matrix Roofing & Home Solutions. See her full bio here.








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