A focused training program must be a constant process.


RCS Influencer Rudy Gutierrez say that they attend and hold as many training programs as one company of their size can attend without impacting their clients.

Currently the focus at Shell Roofing Solutions has been on educating our team on diversity and inclusion. We are preparing our team for the next level of potential hires. We have reached out to the National Diversity Coalition for advice and education. I chair the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the NRCA. It is imperative that we develop this strategy to ensure that we are in line with companies striving to do the same.

Check out this Q and A to see what else Shell Roofing Solutions does for training.

Do you utilize rainy days?  It doesn’t rain in Southern California; therefore, we have to schedule our training around our projects. However, when we do have a rainy-day opportunity, we do have training.

Do you bring people in for training, send your crews out?  We do both, it is important for our young team to get first hand and or hands on experience.

Do you train your team for anything other than safety and product installation?  We do training on multiple subjects, customer services and HR issues.

Do you utilize the trade associations? We rely on NRCA published materials as well as professional trainers on related topics.

Do you have a process for new hires?  Yes, we evaluate their skill set and develop a strategy for training along with expectations and timelines.

Do you offer continuing education? We encourage education period. We have a young man our team who become a leading architect. So, we encourage all education.

Rudy Gutierrez is president and CEO of Shell Roofing Solutions. See his full bio here.


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