wants to help you find a job – for FREE!


Need a job or better opportunity? is here to help. Through the remainder of 2017 we are offering FREE classified ads for individuals seeking employment.

If you wish to take advantage of this program simple Select the  30 Day Standard – One Region –$25.00, be sure and select Work Wanted in the Directory Category and use coupon code “WORK” after selecting Purchase Listing to get your ad for FREE.
Then use the Listing Dashboard to easily update and renew ads until work is found.  For employers, it is a great place to look for talent for their companies.

By using the My Alerts feature you can set up alerts to be notified when ads are reviewed based on keywords, categories or specific locations. is committed to helping people who are looking for work in the roofing industry.  To begin please click here.

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  1. James Lambo

    Looking for work roofing for twenty years all from start to finish I can do it all


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