Do the Job Once and Do it Right with Stormseal


Putting a smile on the face of a previously traumatized victim of extreme weather is a huge reward for Stormseal installers.

A policyholder who had suffered major storm damage to his house, only to have the ‘protective’ tarpaulin fail and send a cascade of water into his living room, could not say thank you enough when Stormseal was installed instead. As more heavy rain began to fall, he stayed outside to express his overwhelming appreciation to the installers again and again.

Here is what contractors, homeowners and insurance companies have to say about Stormseal:

“For years we have had massive problems with tarps on roofs – they blow off and there is nothing worse, I believe, than being in a house with tarp on the roof and all night it’s flapping and banging and carrying on and we get water entry… Stormseal takes us into the next century… we’re very excited about it… From a customer experience it just puts us way ahead of the competition.”

–David Wilson, Head of Innovation, HomeRepair

“We pride ourselves on using cutting edge technology to rapidly make properties safe and restore clients’ peace of mind. As soon as I heard about Stormseal, I knew we should be using it. Stormseal is a fantastic product that we will use after storms and other damaging events. It’s especially good in difficult access situations. The best thing is that it stays put – we won’t have to go back to fix any more flapping or leaking tarps.”

–Ryan Hage, Adelaide All-Trades (AAT)

“It starts costing us more money every time we have to go back to put another tarp on… So far with Stormseal we haven’t had to go back on one job.”

–Nick Hatch, Insurance Roofing Services Australia

“It’s a leading innovative product… what I have seen today is going to give us the ability to be able to do it once and do it properly and not have to re-attend which will be very efficient.”

–Tom Dougherty, National Manager for HomeClaims Customer Support, Suncorp

Catherine Adkins’ tiled roof was badly damaged, but she considered herself fortunate compared to her neighbours, because her insurance builder installed Stormseal, which she says delivered ‘absolute peace of mind’. Catherine advised her neighbours to ‘talk to your insurance companies about Stormseal.’

–Catherine Adkins, Kellyville, Homeowner

Joe reports that over the eight months they waited for their insurance settlement and complete repairs, Stormseal allowed in “not one drop of water… and we could continue to live in our house. If anyone needs a reliable, watertight roof cover that lasts, Stormseal is the one!”

–Joe, Chipping Norton, Homeowner

Stormseal is a strong polyethylene film that heat-shrinks to cover a damaged roof or wall, providing superior, lasting weather protection. Lightweight but strong, Stormseal is safer, easier, faster and cheaper to install than tarpaulins.

Unlike tarps, Stormseal stays put until permanent repairs are made, providing peace of mind to residents, property owners and their insurers.

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