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How to Position Your Marketing Efforts to go Viral – Part 1

By Surefire Local. Your guide to earning homeowner’s attention online…in a web already full of engaging content. It’s not news that the digital world has a huge grip on society. Selfies, memes, and videos make up most of the internet’s engaging content these days…which makes the internet the perfect place for your roofing business to… Read More


The 40/20/20 Rule – What is it? And how can it help grow your business?

By Hail Post. In the mid-1900s, a direct mail and marketing expert introduced the 40/20/20 rule to help businesses utilize direct mail to grow their business. But what is it? And what does that mean to you? We’re here to help. The 40/20/20 rule contains three sections that businesses should focus on when participating in… Read More


Surefire Local brings you an all-new On Demand masterclass series!

Surefire Local’s inaugural Google Masterclass Series brought together hundreds of home services businesses for a free online workshop that included four sessions. In these sessions, contractors will learn how Google has become the biggest social network and what that means for their business, the important search signals that Google looks for on a website, how… Read More


Let’s Talk About Reviews

By Surefire Local. If there’s one thing to be said about marketing and business in general, it’s that you always want to be in tune with your customers. We take that to heart here at Surefire and it’s why we’re constantly reaching out to our customers to ask for their opinions and feedback. Lately, our… Read More

Home Pros – Get Ready for Your 2019 Home Shows & Events

By Jenny Sylvers, Surefire Local Exhibiting at a home show, industry conference or community event? Make the most of your investment by being well-prepared, engaging with attendees, capturing leads and following up to close sales. When you’re planning your next home improvement show, here are a few tips to consider to make sure you get… Read More


Could These Marketing Oversights Be Costing You Business?

By HailPost. Common direct marketing mistakes and how to fix them. When it comes to finding new customers, the small things can make the biggest impact. As a business owner, it is often difficult to know all the elements that play in to a potential customer’s decision to use your services. To help make the… Read More

Direct Mail

Direct Mail for Millennials

By Hail Post. How direct mail helps you connect with the newest generation of homeowners. We’ve all heard the talk that millennials just aren’t prioritizing buying homes in 2018. However, data provided by Business Inside in this article says that millennials are actually “the primary reason that the homeownership rate increased over the past year.” … Read More


Why Direct Mail Marketing in 2019 is Crucial to Your Business

By HailPost. An omnichannel approach to marketing. As a direct mail company, we would love to tell you that direct mail should be your only marketing strategy going in to 2019. However, living in the digital age, we know that utilizing only one marketing channel won’t yield nearly the results of combining mail with digital… Read More


Hump Day Headlines: New Algorithms and Clickbait Crackdown

By Art Unlimited. We are going to be talking about three pretty interesting topics! Bing: their changed algorithm, then Facebook and how they’re cracking down on clickbait, and then also Amazon and some of the changes for e-commerce as we look forward to the holiday season. You can either watch the video or read the… Read More


Struggling to find content to share on social media or your blog?

Check out these two great short articles from Go Roof Tune Up to share with your customers. Here’s how to use them: Either copy and paste the content onto your own blog, with a link back to the original post to give credit. Or visit the original post on Go Roof Tune Up’s blog (get… Read More