Why Direct Mail Marketing in 2019 is Crucial to Your Business

By Hail Post. An omnichannel approach to marketing. As a direct mail company, we would love to tell you that direct mail should be your only marketing strategy going in to 2019. However, living in the digital age, we know that utilizing only one marketing channel won’t yield nearly the results of combining mail with… Read More


Hump Day Headlines: New Algorithms and Clickbait Crackdown

By Art Unlimited. We are going to be talking about three pretty interesting topics! Bing: their changed algorithm, then Facebook and how they’re cracking down on clickbait, and then also Amazon and some of the changes for e-commerce as we look forward to the holiday season. You can either watch the video or read the… Read More


Struggling to find content to share on social media or your blog?

Check out these two great short articles from Go Roof Tune Up to share with your customers. Here’s how to use them: Either copy and paste the content onto your own blog, with a link back to the original post to give credit. Or visit the original post on Go Roof Tune Up’s blog (get… Read More


Hump Day Headlines: Google+ (What’s Happening), New Instagram Features

By Art Unlimited. Some of the topics we’re going to talk about today are Google+ (what’s happening? Big changes there), some Google My Business modifications, Instagram rolling out some new cool features, as well as some data transparency changes across multi-channels. You can either watch the video or read the transcript below. Plan to join… Read More

Awards are good for sales and marketing

By Heidi J. Ellsworth. Upcoming awards can create buzz for your company Walking into any contractor’s office, there are usually several awards from manufacturers and local organizations.  They are a point of pride as they should be.  An additional awards avenue that every roofing contractor should look at are national association awards for quality and… Read More


Grow Your Business and Help Someone Advance Their Education at the Same Time

By Hail Post. Come Visit HailPost at the 2018 MRCA Conference to Learn More! HailPost will be attending the 2018 MRCA Conference to present our targeted direct mail marketing programs for roofing contractors. But that’s not all we’re doing there. We’ve partnered with the MRCA’s silent auction to give contractors a chance to bid on… Read More


Hump Day Headlines: Facebook Security and Secure URLs

By Art Unlimited. We’re also going to talk about Google and their new optimization tool, as well as events and how to leverage those for your business or organization. Hello, welcome to today’s edition of Hump Day Headlines! We’re excited to be here and share with you some changes within the industry, but we’re also… Read More


Direct Mail Marketing: The Value is Worth the Expense

By HailPost. Direct mail marketing is one of the most time-tested and well-known channels of marketing. In the digital age where online marketing is both easy and relatively cheap, direct mail is frequently viewed as too expensive. When making marketing decisions you should not only be looking at cost, but also what is going to… Read More