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3 Ways Roofing Software Creates a Seamless Experience for Your Sales Teams

By: Nate Stein, AccuLynx As industry technology continues to advance, so does the ability of your sales teams to integrate their selling process with software platforms specifically designed to improve their efficiency. As a roofing company, you rely on the expertise and organization of your sales teams in the field to generate, track and close… Read More

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6 Ways JobNimbus Helps You Market Your Roofing Business

By Emily Hughes, JobNimbus. Creating a marketing vision and approach for success in the marketplace. When it comes to figuring out how to best market your roofing business, it can feel like the world isn’t hearing the message. It can feel like you’re shouting from the rooftops, but no one on the street even looks… Read More


The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Construction Sales Organization 

The team at FollowUp CRM is excited to announce its construction sales blog “FollowUp Power Tip of the Week.”  By Ryan Groth, FollowUpCRM.  The sales blog delivers industry-leading best practices on a weekly basis to help contractors grow their company. We believe that providing you with the best construction CRM software in the market to manage your business is only part of the equation when growing your Construction company. We also believe that improving sales… Read More


Where is your marketing focus? Let the Contractor’s Cloud data help you out.

Contractor’s Cloud analyzed the data from its top 500 roofing and exterior contractors to see where the leads came from. By Dwight Gunnarson, Contractor’s Cloud. You probably spend a lot of time determining where your marketing efforts should be spent. You hear you should do this or you’ve read you should do that. Well, let… Read More