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21 Laws of Leadership for Contractors

Leadership is a crucial component to your business. Famed leadership trainer John Maxwell notes that your business will only succeed and grow as much as your leadership capabilities allow it to. John Maxwell Team trainer Chris Jurin teaches you the “21 irrefutable laws of leadership” applied specifically for contractors.  Take this course online.

RoofersCoffeeShop knows the importance of ongoing education. Staying competitive and profitable in the roofing industry means knowing and understanding new technology, products and installation methods. We will continue to populate this site with educational videos and online learning that will make a difference for crews, management and owners. Be sure to visit the TheHUB™ regularly and watch our social media and email communications for new courses.

We are proud to be a partner with several online learning groups including Construct-Ed and WOW, Words of Wisdom. RCS advertisers will be sharing videos and learning experiences along with associations including FRSA, MRCA and WSRCA.

48 Online Learning Resources Available

Crane Signal Training Course

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Crane Signal Training

Crane Signal Training is a crucial need for any company or employee who works with a crane. Whether you’re a crane operator, safety director, or on a team that works with cranes, this course will teach you and your team how to safely direct a crane operator with the proper signals, as well as teach you the basic hazards of crane operation. Take this course online.

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Tremco Talks – Roof Economics 101

Understanding the economic consequences of roofing decisions. This webinar was recorded on Thursday, August 24, 2017 Presenter: B. Alan Whitson, RPA, President, Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute Every decision made about your roof has either a positive or a negative economic result. In new construction, the objective is getting the best performing roof system for your money. With existing roofs, it is to keep your roof performing for as long as possible. This webinar will explain how to identify the negative economic consequences of roofing decisions and overcome shortsighted thinking.

Learning Objectives

1. Roof Economics Rule Number 1: It’s not about the roof, it’s about protecting what’s under the roof.

2. What makes up a good roof?

3. Where things go bad…

4. Understanding the positive or negative economic consequences of decisions Certification competency: Operations & Maintenance and Finance.



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Roofing Mentoring and Training

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The Buddy System Training Method

Train your employees to train each other. The buddy system is a powerful training tool for any industry and business. Developed by Eric Jurin, the buddy system is a training method involving a mentor (trainer), with more knowledge, and a buddy (trainee), with less knowledge.  Take this course online.

Sexual Harrassment Training

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Harassment Training

This online training course presents a harassment training policy and education in accordance with Federal Law.  This training assists employees and independent contractors in recognizing harassment, preventing harassment and procedures for reporting harassment if they believe that have been subject to harassing behaviors. Take this course online.

Learn How to Use Equiptor

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Equipter: How to Use and Operate the RB4000

The RB4000 is a drivable, raiseable, towable dumping trailer that enhances the productivity of your roofing team! It allows your team to be able to complete projects faster with more control over the roofing tear-off debris. Taught by Dave Beiler, Sales Manager at Equipter, this course will walk you through complete and safe operation of the RB4000. Take this course online.

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Free E-book: 23 Marketing Mistakes that Roofers Make

Working in the roofing industry for over a decade has allowed Art Unlimited the opportunity to identify the dead giveaways that hurt a business’s marketing. We are passionate about ensuring businesses succeed at their marketing; here are some mistakes we hope to help you avoid as you plan your upcoming roofing season.

Download this insightful e-book to learn what to avoid this year.