Turn a Negative into a Positive with Reviews


Reviews are a vital aspect of your company’s growth.

By Angies List.

A positive review boost morale and allow you to learn what you’re doing right. The challenge comes with negative reviews. No one likes to receive them, but they can be helpful. It’s natural to worry that it could hurt your business, but the occasional critical review could actually help you win more customers. Here’s how:

Makers reviews real.
To start, an unfavorable review mixed into a group of mostly positive ones adds authenticity to your glowing reviews. In fact, research from review service provider Reevoo1 found that 95 percent of customers suspect faked reviews when they see nothing negative.

Aids in decision-making process.
A negative review can serve as “worst-case scenarios” by pointing out aspects of a service that others have found problematic. In some instances, the factors that prompted a critical review from one customer may not matter to another — particularly if they see many positive reviews that are more relevant to their situation. 

Helps you demonstrate customer service.
Critical reviews also give you the opportunity to demonstrate that you care. Providing prompt, empathetic responses puts your good customer service on display for all to see. Sincerely addressing complaints and showing a willingness to make amends could help prospects feel better about doing business with you.

However, it’s important to resist the urge to be defensive in your responses to criticism. Acknowledge the customer’s frustration and apologize for their inconvenience. Briefly describe what you’re doing to remedy the situation and how you plan to keep it from happening again.

Shows need for improvement.
Remember that a negative review can spotlight an opportunity for improvement. True, some poor reviews may not be warranted, but others can provide valuable feedback that helps you improve your service. For example, if customers report that their calls weren’t followed up on promptly, it could lead you to revamp your system for handling inbound inquiries. Negative reviews can also inform you of issues that emerged after you provided a service, which could be helpful in future work.

Improves communication.
In the end, a negative review may help you communicate better. Oftentimes, a negative review results when a customer’s expectations weren’t met, so thoroughly explaining your policies is key. Maybe a customer didn’t expect to pay a diagnostic fee for your initial visit, even if this fee is stated on your website and Angie’s List profile. Understanding where customers can become confused illuminates where you may need to communicate more clearly. Respond to critical reviews that stem from misunderstanding by politely pointing out where those policies are outlined, and sincerely apologize for the disappointment.

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[1] Reevoo Insight Research, 2013. Data cited in “Bad Reviews Are Good for Business: How to Harness the Power of Negative Reviews.”

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