Side Work Without a License Can Be Illegal

side work

In many states, doing side work without a contractor’s license is illegal and brings many risks.

It is inevitable that employees are going to do work on the side to make money. Our position is; we don’t encourage work without a contractor’s license, as it is illegal and the liability is high without the proper insurance coverage.  We speak to our team about the legal ramifications of doing side jobs. We pay our team a higher wage than most so it allows them to think twice about getting involved in side work. We encourage rest over a weekend so that our team members are focused and ready to work at the beginning of the work week.

Again, it is inevitable that side work is going to happen. However, our position is clear; it is illegal to do work without a contractor’s license and proper insurance coverage.

There is no gray area here, the law is the law.

Rudy Gutierrez is president and CEO of Shell Roofing Solutions. See his full bio here.


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