Roofing’s Next Generation: Atlas Roofing Spotlights Mike Boucher 

Mike Boucher

Mike Boucher is the Man Who Is Redefining ‘Average.’

By Amy Connolly, Atlas Asphalt Life Writer.

The average workweek for Mike Boucher is anything but average. It’s not unusual for Boucher, owner of Mike Boucher Roofing, to work seven days a week to stay on schedule, meet deadlines and communicate with homeowners. He does it all to ensure his namesake company lives up to its stellar reputation.

“My company is what motivates me,” Boucher, 28, said. “I have put so much work in starting it from the ground up. At the end of the day, my company is named after me, so I strive to have the best reputation in the area.”

Boucher started in roofing as a summer job while in high school. Fast-forward 12 years and his Orange Park, FL, business is booming. With a focus on residential properties, Boucher has seen the difference his work makes. For one of his most memorable projects, a home in a golf community, Boucher replaced the 70-square roof, re-flashed the walls, built dead valleys and installed rain gutters to stop years of leaks.

“Once you complete a project, your work is visible for years to come and, in most cases, a new roof can change the whole appearance of a house for the next 20-plus years,” he said.

During his scant free time, Boucher and his wife Heather enjoy perusing classic car shows and spending time with their 8-month-old daughter Juliette.

His bigger plans include growing the company’s online presence, adding more staff and continuing to bring honesty and integrity to the job. Boucher has achieved the silver Atlas Pro™ Plus level.

“I go to work every day with that mentality so in the future when I look back I can say I’m proud of what I accomplished,” he said.

Editor’s note: This profile first appeared on the Atlas Roofing Asphalt Life blog and more profiles can be viewed here.

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