Welcomes Hayne Coaching Group

Hayne Coaching Group gives contractors the chance to share best practices and learn from their peers in the industry., the place where the industry meets for technology, information and everyday business is pleased to welcome Hayne Coaching Group.  Hayne Coaching Group is a resource for contractors to grow and improve their business through facilitated peer groups to noncompeting contractors.  They also offer one-on-one executive coaching for key corporate leaders.

Hayne Coaching Group was founded by Greg Hayne, owner of Roof Management, a traditional roof consulting company with a nontraditional twist.  Several years ago Hayne became intrigued with finding out how some of his customers had gotten so good at service and he developed a training program to teach other contractors how to grow and excel in their own training programs.  In 2016, he realized that he could bring far more value to his clients by organizing the exchange of best practices into peer groups, expanding it beyond service department specific topics and coupling it with his executive coaching and facilitation skills.

Contractors benefit from peer groups by combining the collective wisdom of the group’s members to devise ways to improve their bottom line, their infrastructure and their own leadership skills.  Facilitated peer groups bring an added value because they offer a trained and talented leader who conducts meetings in a controlled and guided environment, making sure the right questions are asked to allow for the solving of old problems with new approaches.  Optional monthly coaching sessions ensure that companies move forward faster and in a sustainable manner.

Hayne Coaching Group offers membership to its facilitated peer groups which connect contractors to non-competing members.  Signed non-disclosure agreements protect contractors’ privacy so members can share in comprehensive financial reviews and share challenges and best practices in a structured and supported setting. is proud to welcome Hayne Coaching Group.

About Hayne Coaching Group

Hayne Coaching Group assists roofing contractors prosper by discovering and implementing smarter, better ways to work.  We provide executive coaching for key leaders in a company and organized and facilitated industry peer groups, so that companies may benefit from their group’s collective experience, buying power, accountability and so much more. For more information, visit

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