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Your Henry® Company representative is available to help you consider all of the factors involved with choosing the right roof restoration system to ensure a durable, waterproof and energy-efficient roof. Protecting your roof assembly now can help prevent costly problems down the road, and can even enable you to recoat as needed and maintain the roof for the life of building.


Henry® Roof Restoration Systems offer cost-effective alternatives to re-roofing, with the added benefit of reducing landfill waste. Easy-to-apply products feature a self-flashing, liquid-applied roof system that provide a seamless and long-lasting solution to roof replacement. A Henry® Roof Restoration System is:

  • Good for the Contractor – Reduces application time, labor cost and equipment wear
  • Good for the Building Owner – Delivers years of durable and sustainable protection
  • Good for the Environment – Reduces landfill waste and associated costs, saves energy by meeting cool roof requirements and has low VOC content