A Punch List at your Finger Tips


Trimble offers a fast, easy way to close every job.

The Trimble Defects Pro mobile app is built with you in mind. They have made it easy to capture and document defects on any roofing job, share them with your team, get things done and complete your project ahead of time. Their punch lists let you create defect lists, punch lists, snag lists, service reports, inspection reports, to-do lists, completion lists or even create a custom list by project.  Contractors can complete punch lists directly in the field and distribute a PDF to their clients on the spot to save time.

Add your projects, start creating your defects, punch and/or snag lists, whatever you may call it. You can add deadlines, updates, photos and more. Create and preview your report, auto or custom email to all the contractors involved. Fast. Easy. Done.

Customers testify that this software is designed and built by someone who knows what they need.   Instant reports of basically anything you can think of are part of the app, documenting defects, creating hit lists and completed lists. They are astounded by the ease of adding defects to the database and even easier to retrieve them and have them automatically emailed to the people that count.

What Does Defects Pro Offer?

  • Punch lists, snag lists, inspection reports, completion lists, to-do lists, service reports, defects list. Whatever you call them, now you can call it done with Defects Pro.
  • Custom reports and custom lists
  • Multiple customizable themes ready to produce any report
  • Add photos, deadlines, updates and more
  • Share with multiple contractors
  • Add multiple projects
  • Work in the field and email your reports fast and easy
  • Environmental Reports, OH & S Reports
  • Action and comment or close out the item


Trimble may be new to the roofing industry, but they know construction.  Learn more about this intuitive punch list app.


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