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Metal-Era offers larger face height to the Eliminailer-T lineup.

Metal-Era is adding a larger face height to the Eliminailer-T lineup. The new 5.25” Eliminailer-T allows for up to 4.57” of polyiso and cover board to be installed direct to the roof’s edge to achieve an R-30.

More than half of all roof systems failures are attributed to the edge, with wood nailers cited as a primary source. Metal-Era’s patented Eliminailer-T has changed how the roof edge is constructed, eliminating the nailer and replacing it with a better, faster and stronger alternative.

Extruded from heavy gauge aluminum and manufactured using more than 50% recycled weather-resistant materials, Eliminailer-T is built to last. It’s engineered for maximum roof performance and to decrease risk, liability and costs.

Adding Eliminailer-T onto a roof edge system significantly reduces the chance of failure and provides substantial long-term benefits, beginning with increased structural integrity and added thermal performance. Eliminailer-T is designed to meet FM 1-49 standards for wind uplift and can withstand the harshest elements. It is backed by an unmatched 215 MPH Lifetime Limited Wind Warranty.

For additional information download an overview of Eliminailer-T.

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