Why You Need Mobile Roofing Software | FCS Tip #3: The Right Questions to Ask

contractor with a text about a tip about mobile roofing software

Tip #3: Questions to Ask About Mobile Roofing Software Usability.

By FCS Roofing Software.

  • Does the program work on a mobile device?
  • How much functionality is available when using a mobile device?
  • Is the program both phone and tablet enabled?

It does not seem possible to survive in today’s world without a smart device and that is especially true when it comes to business. Smart phones allow contractors to be in touch with their customers immediately – giving them a clear edge when it comes to customer service. Also, the agility of utilizing smart phones makes sense for instant communication with your team.

It is important to use phones in a way that works with customers, so knowing their preferences concerning email, text or phone is beneficial for creating enhanced communications. Part of utilizing technology is understanding how customers want to interact with it.

Smart phones and/or tablets can also make day-to-day business easier to do on the road, eliminating some of the late-night work. In deciding which smart device to use, take the time to coordinate your phone, tablet and computer system with cloud-based software in a way that all devices can speak to each other. This creates an easy, efficient means of transferring data and documents while also documenting customer communications and project status accurately.

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contractor with a text about a tip about mobile roofing software

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