Meet Ecotorch®, the Environmentally Friendly SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane 


The torch-applied roofing membrane from MB Technology, Ecotorch®, reduces liability, call‑backs, and tires in the landfill.

Ecotorch is an innovative torch-applied membrane that truly contributes to the environment. Incorporating recycled tires into SBS modified bitumen, Ecotorch is a more durable, dependable, and eco-friendly roofing membrane than APP modified bitumen membranes.

Ecotorch is designed as a superior modified bitumen torch-applied roofing membrane for flashing, new roofing, and re-roofing applications. It’s also an ideal membrane for repair of built-up roofing membranes. When used with a Layfast SBS TU-35/Layflat SBS modified base, Ecotorch is a superior and more ecologically-friendly alternative to APP torch-applied roofing membranes.


  • Same application process – no retraining necessary
  • Vastly superior to APP in nearly every way – at roughly the same price
  • Superior end-lap, metal, and granule adhesion
  • Superior low-temperature flexibility
  • Reduces liability
  • Fewer call-backs
  • Recycled content helps the environment
  • Available in 8 different shingle blends/solid colors. Custom colors available for minimum run of 150 rolls (±15%)
  • More efficient torch-down system uses less heat/ propane

Watch this video to learn more about Ecotorch.

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