Meet Bill Chambers of Chambers Roofing – Winner of National Nail’s STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer

Cap Hammer

This winner was actually using his STINGER CH-38-2 Cap Hammer when I called to talk with him.

By Karen Edwards, RCS Editor.

At, we love to meet our contractors. My conversation today was with Bill Chambers of Chambers Roofing in Pennsylvania. Bill was the winner of a STINGER CH-38 from National Nail this month on the Coffee Shop.

Bill has owned Chambers Roofing for 43 years after taking over the family business from his father. He was roofing long before that, as he grew up in the business with his Dad. I asked Bill if any family members were in the business with him but he told me the natural gas industry took them all away because it pays much better than he does. (The Marcellus Shale formation is located under Pennsylvania and the recent introduction of fracking to extract natural gas has brought high-paying jobs to rural areas).

Chambers Roofing has a team of anywhere from four to six men, but even after 43-plus years, Bill is still the main shingler on the crew. “I’ve got no thoughts of retiring,” said Bill. “I’ll keep doing it until I can’t anymore. Even after I can’t I will still show up at the job site. It keeps me alive.”

When asked how he likes the STINGER CH-38, he told me that when I called him to find a time that we could talk, he was actually using it. He said there was a bit of a learning curve to figure out how to load it, but once he got past that, he really likes the tool.

Bill has been a part of the community since it started. He said he likes seeing what people are talking about on the forum and he uses the site to see what’s new in the industry – especially tools. “I am always looking for what’s new when it comes to tools,” he said.

Winter is coming in Pennsylvania and Bill said he is getting ready to shut down for the winter. I imagined that Bill would pack up and head south for warmer weather but he said that he spends the time in his shop fixing all the tools, trucks and equipment that broke during the roofing season.

Congratulations to Bill on his win! To celebrate their recent 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Award, National Nail has extended their weekly giveaway of a FREE STINGER CH38-2 Cap Hammer. Enter to win yours today.

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