MB Technology Offers Standard and Custom Colors for Any of Their Cap Sheets

cap sheets

Selfstick SA Cap, ecotorch & supercap SBS are available in the 12 standard granule colors and also offer the option to create custom matches on cap sheets.

MB Technology has the capability of manufacturing any of their cap sheets in color blends that are not on the standard color chart. Simply send them a sample of the shingle you want to match; they will make a color blend for your roof shingles and send it to you for approval.

Since MBT doesn’t manufacture shingles, the blends will be as close as possible to the shingle you are requesting. Special colors require a minimum run of 150 rolls (15,000 square feet) with ±15% tolerance on quantity manufactured.

To request your complimentary color chart guide please contact us at info@mbtechnology.com.

Download a copy here.

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