Innovative Storm Repair ‘Shrink-Wrap’ Technology Launches in USA

Stormseal™ can be a game changer for home owners, insurance companies and contractors by being able to seal a building while awaiting repairs or further building.

An innovative Australian storm recovery system, Stormseal™ – which heat ‘shrink wraps’ damaged roofs or walls in a patented wind, rain and hail resistant polyethylene film, protecting buildings from further damage until permanent repairs are made – is now available in the United States (US).

Officially launched today at Stand 901 of the PRLB Claims Conference and Insurance Services Expo, Stormseal™ is designed to replace flapping, leaking, flyaway tarpaulins that usually require multiple reattachments using ropes and sandbags, allowing more damage to occur if storms or bad weather continue.

The product is a major benefit for insurers, contractors, emergency responders, and, most of all, US property owners and residents. For example, months after Hurricane Irma, there are still many buildings in Florida suffering ongoing damage because they under tarpaulins.

Unlike tarpaulins, weatherproof Stormseal™ stays put for up to a year, preventing further property damage, significantly reducing expenses for insurers and minimizing stress on householders.

Australian builder turned inventor and Stormseal™ Managing Director, Matthew Lennox, said that it had already been used to protect hundreds of storm-damaged properties in Australia and has now established operations in Europe in 2017.

“We are extremely excited to bring our innovation to the people of the United States, where in recent times they have felt the brunt of many storms and major weather events,” he said.

“Around the world, severe storms are becoming more frequent, damaging property, traumatising residents, stretching emergency resources and costing insurance companies billions,” said Mr Lennox.

“Stormseal™ is therefore an ideal solution for rapid response and cost-effective resilience in the face of natural disasters.”

Through the Australian experience, the Stormseal™ system was found to be faster, cheaper and easier to install than a tarpaulin. The low-density patented polyethylene film is cut and fitted at the worksite with the heat ‘shrink wrapping’ technique changing the chemical structure of the film, enhancing its strength.

“The emergency responders, contractors and insurers who have witnessed the potential of Stormseal™ know it will cut their costs significantly and make insured properties safe from further damage, which keeps policyholders secure and happy,” said Mr Lennox.

“Stormseal™ is raising the bar for US roofers in terms of quality and safety, protecting the most valuable asset an American family possesses: their home.”

Stormseal is now manufacturing in the U.S. after an exhaustive process to set up manufacturing and distribution capabilities which were established in February 2018 following a demonstration at the International Roofing Expo in New Orleans and at the International Restoration Convention and Industry Expo in Austin Texas.

Now over 20 U.S. companies have registered their interest in training staff as Stormseal™ installers through the accredited training program.

Stormseal™ has partnered with ENSA and Optimum Training to offer accredited installer training in Amarillo, Texas, and Orlando, Florida and features on the cover of April edition of Florida Roofing Magazine.

For more information and to see how it works please visit stand 901 at the PLRB Conference or contact Matthew Lennox on Cell: + 1 (561) 312 6220, Office: + 1 (561) 588 5653 or 

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