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    I just had a new roof installed and I noticed this oddity when the crew was doing the work. It looks like the plywood in the circled area is bowed and I can see obvious space between that and adjacent pieces of plywood. This piece of plywood was not replaced. I talked to the contractor and he said he is not concerned about this. Should I be concerned? He has offered to re-do this part of the roof, but said it will be “intrusive” and does not recommend it. Any suggestions?


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    the plywood is supposed to lay flat with a 1/8″ space between the sheets.



    I think if you are so concerned about it, then you can go for what the roofing contractor says. If needed, you can take opinion from some other roofing contractor.
    The Home Quality Remodeling experts provide roofing services. If you want, you can check about them. Firstly look for a contractor in your nearby area who will help you with this issue.

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    IF the sheet is only spanning two rafters fix it the right way with a sheet of plywood that spans at least three rafters. Otherwise you could simply put a couple 2×4 or 2×6 under it for a little extra support. Chances are that there may have been some moisture that got in from the skylight causing a little warpage.


    Yes, you need to concerned if you think that the issue is not resolved. You can talk to other roofing contractors about the problem for better advice.

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