A Fastener Free metal roofing installation system and a 40-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty? Hello, StealthBond®!


Give your customers the warranty protection and roofing system that their home deserves.

Homeowners want the best roofing system to protect their family and their investment. The StealthBond® Installation System fits that bill offering them a screw-less installation method. The use of structural adhesive instead of screw fasteners results in no holes being drilled through the panel. No holes means no leaks.

The average metal roof could use upward of two thousand screws, meaning the installation is creating thousands of opportunities for error. The StealthBond® Installation System was created out of a necessity to eliminate the unwanted and often avoidable problems associated with screws. StealthBond® is a patented metal roofing installation system that is shaping the way we install metal roofing and it’s Florida Building Code Approved, Miami-Dade County Approved and ICC-ES Approved. Instead of using screws, StealthBond® has a system comprised of three components that play their part in eliminating fasteners:

  • The StealthConnector® is a durable strapping installed across the decking that acts as the foundation for the entire system.
  • StealthBond® Adhesive is the structural adhesive that forms a bond between the metal roofing panel and connector and replaces the need for screw fasteners.
  • The StealthBond® Metal Roofing Panels come in a variety of profiles to suit each home but adhere beautifully to the adhesive for unparalleled protection.

Many homeowners like the ‘Key West’ look of a 5V crimp panel or the classic look of a 3-foot ribbed panel but they don’t like the look of the screws – or the leaks they will have to deal with down the road. The StealthBond® System allows you to deliver the look your customers want without the maintenance related issues that go along with screw fasteners.

Warranties are pretty important to your customers and to your business. When you become a StealthBond installer, you can offer a 40-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty.

A metal roofing system that eliminates unnecessary screw holes AND provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The decision seems pretty clear.

Choose the  StealthBond® Installation System!

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