Case Study – FiberTite Assists Tyson Foods With Complex Roofing Needs

When installing a roof on a food processing plant, it’s important to look at the various substances it will come in contact with over its lifetime. These can include oils, grease, fatty acids and overall foot traffic. To help withstand the many effects of a food processing plant, FiberTite professionals installed almost two million square feet… Read More

FiberTite VS TPO Whitepaper

Learn about the differences in a tried and true technology versus a new and unproven roofing membrane. TPO was introduced in the roofing world in 1992. However, TPO roofing membrane manufacturers are constantly reworking their formula to make improved generations. FiberTite, on the other hand, came to market in 1979 and still uses the same… Read More

Adhesive Innovations in Metal Roofing

Discover the latest Adhesive Innovations in Metal Roofing here. Download our FREE eBook, “Adhesive Innovations in Metal Roofing” and learn more about the latest and greatest innovation in metal roofing: the StealthBond® System. Click here to learn more!

The Ultimate Guide to Differentiating Your Roofing Business

How can roofing contractors help their business stand out from the crowd? The rapid growth of the roofing industry has encouraged many entrepreneurs to start new businesses and forced established companies to consider how they can remain profitable and continue to grow amidst the competition. Download the eBook to learn how roofers can differentiate themselves in… Read More

6 Best Practices for Running a Profitable Roofing Company

Great Download!  Learn from the the most profitable roofing companies – Get this FREE E-book today. Owning and successfully running a roofing or exterior contracting business is challenging. To help you succeed, we’ve gathered best practices in this valuable guide. Download the EBook Today!  

Roofing Coloring Book Pages from Karen Cates

FREE Coloring Book Page Downloads.  Get your copy of the covers of these two children’s books about roofing and safety! Written by Karen Cates, these two books are available in English and Spanish for $5.00 per book at the link below. “Is This A Roof?” For young children to stimulate their career curiosity.  Roofing workers… Read More

Expand Your Business Ebook – Download Today!

Download this informative Ebook to learn more about Expanding your Business by adding Gutters to your product offerings.  Read testimonials of success stories as a Gutter Helmet Dealer. Learn more about all the tools provided to make you a success. Click Here!

TremPly KEE


What is it?  Why is it so great?  Download this helpful E-book today and find out? The TremPly® KEE single ply product line is designed to provide superior performance by featuring a base fabric that is engineered to extend strength and durability. These membranes also resist delamination and wicking issues, giving your customers a great… Read More

succession planning

E-Book – Succession Planning 101 For Roofing Contractors

This book focuses on six areas of a good succession plan. A good plan won’t rest on any single document, but rather is a holistic approach to providing “rules of the road” for any of those unknown unknowns whether they crop up in the first month of the business or one month away from the… Read More