Fleet Management

Take a Proactive Approach When it Comes to Fleet Management

RCS Influencer Brian Pratt says that contractors can reduce insurance costs by implementing a fleet management program. Many roofing professionals continue to be impacted by an increase in automobile insurance costs due to a substantial rise in the frequency and severity of auto claims. Severe losses can expose the assets of a roofing company if… Read More

vehicle policy

A Vehicle Policy is a Must for Company-owned Vehicle Operation

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says that without a vehicle policy, a contractor can be held liable if they allow a bad driver on the road. Contractors have many options when it comes to establishing vehicle policies for their business. They may choose to allow employees to take vehicles home or they may decide that vehicles… Read More

Jobsite Transportation

Rural Contractor Offers Jobsite Transportation

RCS Influencer Mike Hicks says that while they don’t have a formal vehicle policy, they do have procedures in place for jobsite transportation. I don’t know that we have a vehicle policy, but I can share what may be of interest to others.  First, we supply jobsite transportation for the crew.  At one time, back… Read More