young employees

Valuing 20-Somethings in Your Company

It’s more important now than ever to embrace and explore the benefits that young people bring to business. Many companies welcome young employees with open arms, while others tend to shy away from them, opting instead for more mature and experienced individuals. Today’s generation is far different from older generations in numerous regards, from their… Read More


Older and Younger Generations Must Feel Comfortable Sharing with Each Other

RCS influencer Maria Alcala says that sharing knowledge both ways is the key to generations working together successfully. Working with younger generations results in the more seasoned staff sharing their expertise and wisdom and it also benefits the younger team members by allowing them to obtain the education and information they need to succeed in… Read More


Work Together to Bring Out the Best in Every Generation

 RCS Influencer Heidi Ellsworth says that there are opportunities for younger and older generations to learn from each other. I have worked with many young people over the years and I love it. I love the enthusiasm, the ideas, the passion of young men and women as they first come into the work force. I… Read More

Young People

Young People Can Bring About Positive Change in Your Company

RCS Influencer Charles Antis says to hire young people, be adaptive and keep asking for change.     Charles Antis is the founder and CEO of Antis Roofing. See his full bio here.   Video transcribed here: Charles Antis:  Hello Roofer’sCoffeeShop. I’m Charles Antis, with Antis Roofing and Waterproofing. And I have a special guest here…. Read More

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Younger Employees Bring New Perspectives and Are Open to New Ideas

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says that younger employees should also be willing to learn from their more experienced team members. We love bringing young people into our company! Young people often bring fresh ideas and make us question the way we do things today (for the better!). We often start younger team members on the… Read More