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Younger Employees Bring New Perspectives and Are Open to New Ideas

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says that younger employees should also be willing to learn from their more experienced team members. We love bringing young people into our company! Young people often bring fresh ideas and make us question the way we do things today (for the better!). We often start younger team members on the… Read More

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Associations Help Build Careers

RCS Influencer Maria Alcala says that associations help build careers. I have had firsthand experience on how associations can help establish and grow your career.  When I started in roofing, I knew very few women in the business. However, since joining National Women in Roofing (NWIR), I have met so many women who have shared… Read More


Association Membership is Great Marketing

RCS Influencer Heidi Ellsworth say contractors should get involved because it’s great for their company. An important part of marketing is networking. Not just in your local area with customers but also networking with industry peers, colleagues and vendors. As I have worked with roofing companies over the years, I have found that the companies who are… Read More


Associations Provide Resources that Help Businesses Run with Fewer Headaches

RCS Influencer Jon Stantz says the best benefit lies in the members themselves and the networking opportunities that come with being involved. The question has been asked – what are your feelings about joining associations related to your work? We are currently members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the Midwest Contractors Roofing Association… Read More


Associations are Vital to the Success of the Industry

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says that associations are a valuable resource for anyone working in the roofing industry. One of the first things that I made sure I did when I started my business was to become involved in the associations that were supporting the industries where I was focusing my practice. Associations play a… Read More

trade associations

4 Reasons You Should Join a Trade Association

RCS Influencer Marty Stout says trade associations are a very powerful tool for advocacy, marketing, negotiation and support. Your business can benefit from membership in an industry trade association in many ways. Here are four key areas: 1 – Advocacy. Associations provide a group voice to help those in power to understand how what they… Read More

Associations Provide Support and Education to Roofing Contractors

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says her company is active and committed to several industry associations and they encourage their teams to be involved as well. One of the values we live by at Elite Roofing Supply is to “be a good steward to the roofing community.” As such, Elite has been active in several local… Read More

Technology Adoption is Slow; Group Forms to Help Speed It Up

RCS Influencer and RT3 co-founder Heidi Ellsworth helps you imagine what the future of roofing will be with the latest emerging technologies. The need for technology advancement in the roofing industry is apparent. It is a movement that continues to gain strength, not just in roofing but in construction and society overall. Being a part… Read More