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Have a Policy for Side Jobs and Moonlighting

RCS Influencer Michael Hicks says this his company allows side jobs but with conditions. Our policy is fairly simple and straightforward. Side jobs are permitted with a few qualifiers: It can’t be any larger than 10 squares. If it’s bigger than 10 squares have the owner contact us and if we get the job there’s… Read More

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Side Work is a Problem in Many Ways, But There is a Solution

RCS Influencer Mark Holencik says it comes down to showing employees the benefits of NOT doing side work instead of how it will hurt your business. Let’s face it, we all hate regulations. Our employees are no different. In the long run this regulation will have little effect on their behavior. So we will not… Read More

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Addressing Side Jobs Is about Communication and Transparency

RCS Influencer Charles Antis says its human nature for skilled labor to want to use that skill to make additional money at times with side jobs, but it’s important for employees to be open and honest about it. TRANSCRIBED BELOW: Charles Antis being interviewed by Junior Journalist Ava Inman Schumacher Ava: Hi. I’m Ava, and… Read More

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Have a Policy in Place Regarding Side Work

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says side work off limits for employees of distributors. From a distributor’s perspective, we would absolutely never allow one of our employees to perform side jobs. That would mean that our employees would be in direct competition with our customers. We want to be very respectful of our customers so it… Read More

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Side Work Without a License Can Be Illegal

In many states, doing side work without a contractor’s license is illegal and brings many risks. It is inevitable that employees are going to do work on the side to make money. Our position is; we don’t encourage work without a contractor’s license, as it is illegal and the liability is high without the proper… Read More

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How Do You Handle Employee Side Jobs?

This month’s topic has been a subject of discussion for years around  Read this lively discussion on the RCS Forum from 10 years ago and you will see this challenge is still relevant today.  Many of today’s contractors started out doing work on the side, so this a very important topic to address for your… Read More