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Employee Retention Starts with Treating Everyone with Respect

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says that treating others the way you would want to be treated plays a big part in employee retention.   At Elite Roofing Supply, it doesn’t matter whether an employee is a roof loader or a top salesperson or even a partner, they will be treated with respect. As leaders, we… Read More

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Multi-faceted Approach Required to Retain Good Employees

RCS Influencer Mark Holencik says that businesses should always be looking for new methods to retain good employees. I think often about the guys who worked hard to help me build a company that you would want to work for.  They did not stick around to reap the benefits of the years of work it… Read More

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Millennial Employees are the Future of the Industry

RCS Influencer Greg Hayne says that in order to retain millennial employees, companies need to start changing. As a trainer and consultant to roofing companies, I have the opportunity to work with many roofing contractors. A recurring theme surrounding hiring new employees is understanding the millennial generation and how to ensure that their work environment… Read More


Employee Retention is Not About the Money

RCS Influencer Martin Stout says employers should get to know their employees to improve retention. This is way too important of a subject to not understand. Get to know your people, listen to them, learn what makes them engage and give it to them. Care about them. Do they have kids? Are they involved in… Read More

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Retain Employees through Empowerment and Inclusion

RCS Influencer Jennifer Stone say it comes down to making sure that they know matter and feel like they are part of the process to retain employees. It’s very difficult in today’s market to retain employees – especially where I am in the Seattle area. There are so many companies that will try to lure… Read More


Elevate the Reputation of the Industry Overall to Attract and Retain Employees

RCS Influencer Heidi Ellsworth says that employees are looking for a collaborative environment that allows for flexibility, challenge and advancement. I have just returned from the summer meetings of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).  What an amazing group of contractors.  It is inspiring to see the work that both the NRCA staff and Board… Read More

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Retain Employees Through a Safer Workplace with Flexible Benefits

RCS Influencer Brian Pratt says a safer workplace helps employees embrace the company’s safety culture and contributes to the well-being of the team. A couple of things come to mind on the topic of employee retention practices. Many of our Tier 1 Roofing Clients provide and exhibit the following characteristics to retain employees. Benefit programs… Read More


Respecting Employees is the Key to Retention

RCS Influencer Rudy Gutierrez says that employee retention is about much more than just money. It’s not always about the money. A fair wage is certainly a must; however, I learned from best practices from top level executives that it’s not about the money – it’s about respect! In my business, respect is the most… Read More

employee retention

What Are Some of Your Employee Retention Practices?

For this month’s topic we are asking “What are some of your employee retention practices? Follow us as we post our Influencer’s thoughts on this topic throughout July. There are many schools of thought, from respect and safety to benefits and wages.  We look forward to reading the different ways of solving this industry challenge…. Read More