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Safety Before Profit Drives Antis Roofing’s New Drug-free Policy

RCS Influencers Charles Antis, Karen Inman and Ernie Basulto share the steps they are taking to develop a drug policy that puts employees first. “To be right up front, Antis does not currently have a drug policy, we are developing it as we speak,” stated Karen Inman, Antis Roofing president in an interview with RCS. … Read More

drug-free policy

Drug-free Policy Statements Should Spell Out Principles and Consequences

RCS Influencer Monica Cameron says that new employees receive copies of the formal written drug-free policy as part of their onboarding process. Whether substance abuse occurs at home or at work, employees who abuse drugs and alcohol can create significant issues for both employers and other employees, such as lower job performance, reduced productivity and… Read More

drug-free policy

How has your drug-free policy changed with today’s new state laws?

Thank you for reading through our inaugural RCS Roofing Influencer’s topic on “How has your Drug-free Policy changed with today’s new state laws?” We came up with this idea on a drug-free policy topic after reading a very thought-provoking post on the old RoofersCoffeeShop.com forum. This was years before marijuana was legal and the concerns and opinions… Read More

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Drug-free Policies Start with Company Culture

RCS Influencer RudyGutierrez says if someone wants to test the bounds of our drug policy, we know they are not a good fit with our company. We have a tight culture at Shell Roofing Solutions.  We believe in selecting the right people for the business. We do the typical assessment along with drug testing, etc…. Read More


Drug-free Policy is a Topic to Share with Your Customers

RCS Influencer and partner Heidi Ellsworth says contractors are making a difference through drug use policies and their commitment to their employees. Often, roofing contractors are shy about sharing what they are doing.  You need to be proud.  Whether it is great training, community service or employee benefits, it is important to share your story…. Read More

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Changing Drug Laws Creating More Gray Areas for Many Companies

RCS Influencer Jennifer Stone says that employers need to err on the side of caution and safety and consider zero-tolerance policies. At Nations Roof, our policies haven’t changed because of states’ legalizing the use of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana. We have a zero-tolerance policy and the safety of our employees doesn’t change because recreational drug… Read More


Drug-free Policy Compliance? Engage an Expert.

RCS Influencer Brian Pratt explains why it’s best to consult a compliance expert when it comes to drug-free policies and compliance. When attempting to be in compliance with the state regulated drug-free workplace laws we would recommend engaging with an HR compliance expert or a labor related attorney to ensure that your roofing company is… Read More


Drug Policies a Hot Topic; Learn from Other Industries

RCS Influencer Martin Stout says we need to be leaders in making policies that protect everyone. This topic is a very hot button issue and one that keeps changing as the laws and feelings about drug use change over time. We operate in seven states and the laws are different in a few. The rights… Read More


Laws Surrounding Drug Testing Vary by State and Continue to Change

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says employers should pay attention to how states are responding to new drug use laws. As of the most recent election cycle, 26 states and the District of Columbia have permitted either recreational or medicinal use of marijuana. Contractors and employers will be faced with evaluating their drug policies and must… Read More