Labor Shortage? Prefabricated Flashings Can Help

With limited labor available it’s time for contractors to be innovative and do more with less. One of the biggest problems facing the roofing industry today is shortage of labor. There is enough work out there but there aren’t enough workers to get the jobs done. A recent article on Construct-Ed discussed the shortage and… Read More

TPO roofs

Repairing and Restoring TPO Roofs

TPO roofs can lose as much as 20-30% of their reflectivity in the first three years, leading to deterioration and leaks. Many building owners who choose TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing systems for their reflectivity are dismayed to learn that the reflectivity dramatically decreases over time. UV rays from the sun cause the material to break… Read More


Tech Talk – Achieving Proper Adhesion for Roof Coating Applications

Adhesion tests are highly recommended to determine whether a roof is a candidate for restoration with a fluid-applied system. American Weatherstar advises contractors to perform an adhesion test to help determine if a roof is a candidate for a roof coating application. Eric Long, American Weatherstar Technical Services, demonstrates how to perform an adhesion test,… Read More

Polyglass is proud to feature Polyfresko® Cap Sheet on

The highly reflective, white modified bitumen roofing membrane is available for heat-welded and self-adhered applications. Polyfresko® is a highly reflective, white modified bitumen cap sheet meant to be used as part of a multi-ply roof system.  Polyfresko helps to reduce energy costs and maintains its white appearance and reflectivity throughout the lifespan of the roof…. Read More

Panther East

Hapco, Inc. Announces March Distributor of the Month: Panther East

The distributor of the month award recognizes top-performing distributors who consistently meet and exceed expectations and goals for selling Hapco, Inc. products. Hapco, Inc., one of the nation’s largest industrial heat tool Master distributors, has named Panther East, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as their March distributor of the month Hapco, Inc. National Sales Manager Shari… Read More


Roof Saver® Ridge Vent Rolls out New, Optimized Website

Roof Saver®, the environmentally friendly rolled ridge vent manufactured by Blocksom & Co., released a new, improved website at The new website features an enhanced user interface that is optimized for easy navigation from any device – desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. “It was important for us to redesign the website to meet the… Read More

Western Colloid

Frito-Lay Headquarters Avoids Tear off, Saves $1Million and Benefits from Western Colloid Energy-efficient Roof System

A custom specification by Western Colloid eliminated a roof tear off, minimized disruption and still provided the reflective, energy-efficient roof system the owner wanted. The 32-year-old, 140,000 square foot roof on the Frito-Lay corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas was experiencing roof leaks from base flashing problems and splitting of the field membrane. The existing roof… Read More

EagleView Technologies

DECRA® Contractors Can Receive Custom 3D Roof Measurement Reports from EagleView Technologies

Contractors using EagleView Technologies for DECRA jobs receive custom material lists for easier and more accurate estimating. DECRA has teamed up with EagleView Technologies to help contractors improve productivity and efficiency across residential roofing projects. The accurate exterior roof measurements help DECRA contractors reduce cost and increase profit per projects by delivering fast, accurate professional… Read More

pvc roof restoration

SureCoat Roof System Restores Failing PVC Roof on Albany General Hospital

The SureCoat Roof System restored the roof without the need for a tear off, eliminating the need to shut off a main air intake on the roof and ensuring continued air supply to operating rooms. Albany General Hospital in Albany, Oregon had a 10-year old PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) roof that was deteriorating and spitting, allowing… Read More