human error

3 ways to reduce human error with roofing software

By Molly Stein, AccuLynx. Address communication issues, lack of standardization, and document issues for team success. The world continues to evolve before our eyes as technological advancements provide new capabilities to the roofing industry. Although technology for the construction and roofing markets has continued to expand, the roofing industry still relies heavily on the physical… Read More

Does Your Current CRM or Business Software Deliver This Kind of Value?

The software that you choose to run your business can only help you be more efficient and grow if it delivers the features you need to be successful. Not every business is the same so it’s important that the software work with the way your business operates. The key to success is in the customization… Read More

Improve your sales speed: 5 ways to sell more jobs with fewer site visits

By Kate Foster, AccuLynx. Software for aerial measurements, templates, automation. E-signatures and CRM produces more profits. During the busy storm season, everyone in the field is looking for ways to improve their sales speed. Faster sales means you have time for more jobs, and having more jobs leads to more profits, and more profits benefit… Read More


Choosing the right drone solution – a drone buyer’s guide

By BuiltWorlds. What questions should contractors be asking themselves when evaluating the software, hardware, and professional drone services out there? Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are quickly shaping up as the built industry’s can’t-live without, next generation of tools. But not every contractor needs a full in-house team of pilots. And not every sub… Read More


Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) Exploring the Future of Roofing

The group focuses on research and dissemination of technology information that could make a difference not only with attracting and retaining talent but also improving the professional reputation of the roofing industry.   The question that keeps presenting itself in every corner of the roofing industry is how are we going to hire and retain… Read More

Predictive analytics

How Predictive Analytic Technology Can Grow Your Roofing Business

By Tony Agresta, Vice President of Marketing, Nearmap Predictive analytic technology is simply using historical data on response or performance to determine who is most likely to buy a product or respond to a promotion. Predictive analytics is not new, it’s been used by marketers for many years. For example, cataloguers would take a sampling… Read More

Aerial Imagery

Why Aerial Imagery Resolution Matters

Nearmap VP of field operations, Sanchit Agarwal, touts the benefits of high-resolution aerial maps for visual analysis. Most are enamored with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant—and why not? They’re always on and provide answers to our pressing questions whenever we want. But, few of us take time to appreciate the wonder of artificial intelligence. Advanced… Read More

customer engagement

Mining Your CRM for Deep Customer Engagement Using Segmentation

by Jennifer Seitz. Better understanding of and unique messaging to your customer segments will enhance revenues. If you’ve been using your CRM for a while, you likely have a wealth of information stockpiled that you could be putting to good use to deepen customer engagement. The question is: Are you using your CRM to take… Read More