Yes, Another Article About Why You Should Go Paperless…

By FCS Roofing Software. In talking with many roofing business owners across the country, we find that there is still a high percentage of businesses in the industry relying on paper to run their business. Everything is printed, copies are made, files created – all of this takes an inordinate amount of time and money… Read More


The ROI of Roofing Reports: How Understanding Your Data Can Impact Your Bottom Line

By Michelle Mittelman. CRM platforms have evolved into a critical tool for roofers and exterior contractors when it comes to managing and organizing the processes associated with owning and running a service-based contracting business. Expanded features have given roofers the ability to create estimates and contracts, manage production calendars, order measurements and materials, and communicate… Read More


Four easy ways roofers can use technology to improve their work **

By IKO. Stay competitive using aerial imagery, estimating software, social media, and innovative materials. As a roofer, you’ve probably spent years perfecting your craft. You’ve studied the best techniques, determined which roofing products work best under which conditions and worked hard to install attractive, lasting roofs for your clients. You’ve probably also built up a… Read More

Solution Summit

JobNimbus Announces Keynote Speakers for Solution Summit

JobNimbus has a lot of great teachers and experts coming to their Solution Summit on October 22 – 23, 2018 in Austin, Texas. Here are the keynote speakers: Danny Kerr Owning a franchise painting company and growing sales from $400k to $1.3m in one year, Danny began Breakthrough academy as a way to open horizons… Read More


Cloud Technology and the Construction Industry

By Cotney Construction Law. A critical component of the construction industry is the flow of information and the cloud is playing a big role in facilitating that flow. On a daily basis, blueprints, daily reports, change reports, and punch lists are passed among contractors, architects, and subcontractors. That’s just a small list of the information… Read More


We’re ready to launch

By Sarah from Sofdesk. Roofgraf: an origin story. Well, it’s time. Time to introduce a project we’ve been working on for years. One we hope will be as powerful and genuinely helpful for roof installers as Solargraf has been for solar companies. No pressure. We’ve called it Roofgraf, and we’re just about ready to kick-off… Read More


A Punch List at your Finger Tips

Trimble offers a fast, easy way to close every job. The Trimble Defects Pro mobile app is built with you in mind. They have made it easy to capture and document defects on any roofing job, share them with your team, get things done and complete your project ahead of time. Their punch lists let you… Read More


The Process is Supreme… Until It Isn’t 

By Contractors Cloud.  The key to designing a great workflow for your company is making it consistent and repeatable for every job.   A great workflow creates the “groove” where your staff becomes accustomed to completing the steps in order to accurately and efficiently complete a job.  Below is a simple, but typical workflow to manage every step of a roofing job. … Read More


Nearmap Aerial Imagery Now Available for Areas Impacted by Hurricane Florence

Newly captured aerial maps show before and after images to support cleanup efforts by public safety organizations, utility companies and insurance agencies. South Jordan, Utah — Nearmap, a premium global location content provider specializing in high-resolution, aerial maps, has flown and captured areas in North and South Carolina impacted by Hurricane Florence. This imagery is… Read More