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6 Ways JobNimbus Helps You Market Your Roofing Business

By Emily Hughes, JobNimbus. Creating a marketing vision and approach for success in the marketplace. When it comes to figuring out how to best market your roofing business, it can feel like the world isn’t hearing the message. It can feel like you’re shouting from the rooftops, but no one on the street even looks… Read More


Technology Could Help Attract Younger Generation to Construction Industry

Attracting millennials in the face of a labor shortage is not the only advantage to having more technology on job sites. Although construction sometimes has been viewed as one of the last industries to embrace technology, many companies are taking steps to implement useful technology on job sites. And as the industry evolves, it will… Read More

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Free Live Webinar: HD Aerial Maps Accelerate Business

See a live demo of Nearmap’s MapBrowser. There’s no longer a need to constantly drive to job sites with HD Aerial Maps. Attend this April 18 webinar and see a live demo of Nearmap’s MapBrowser, a web-based tool that gives roofers, landscapers, and other small businesses instant access to current, HD aerial maps. Learn how… Read More


How Technology is Changing What it Means to be Successful in the Roofing Industry

As technology continues to evolve, contractors have more at stake if they are not adopting and implementing tech tools. By Nate Stein, AccuLynx. The roofing industry is changing right before our eyes; advancements in new technology, building trends towards sustainable materials, more safety regulations, and the way we communicate with our leads and customers have… Read More

Workplace Injuries

This Tool Lets You Easily Create Your OSHA 300 Log for Workplace Injuries

It’s time to let technology help you streamline and simplify your injury and illness tracking and reporting. OSHA’s final rule to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses requires employers to electronically report injury and illness data through the Injury Tracking Application (ITA). December 31, 2017 was the deadline to submit 2016 data. This year… Read More


Aerial View Maps Rethink Roofing

How imagery impacts your bottom line in your roofing business. By Nick Bean, Nearmap. The basic skills of building, replacing or repairing a roof haven’t changed much in centuries. Improvements in materials—from thatch and wood shingles to slate and asphalt tiles—unfolded over this time. But rapid changes in technology- including updated aerial view maps –… Read More


5 Features to Look for When Evaluating Roofing Contractor Software 

When your company is ready to make the switch from pen and paper to a business management software, you can spend a lot of time evaluating and researching all the options on the market.   By Kate Foster, AccuLynx.  While roofing contractor software can help save your company time and money, increasing work efficiency and decreasing project… Read More


Top Uses of Nearmap Aerial Imagery and Web-based Tools 

Contractors are quickly discovering the ways that Nearmap can help them unlock new opportunities, cut costs and gain a strategic advantage.  Here are the top ways that contractors are leveraging the power or Nearmap:  Search and navigate – The search bar allows contractors to identify specific address, locations or points of interest and then quickly pan, zoom and navigate around… Read More

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Roofing CRM

Use of the right roofing CRM saves you time and money. By FollowupCRM. It is important to employ the right roofing CRM for your construction work. This enables you to streamline your work in an organized way. Because of achieved efficiency, you are able to save on time, which counts a lot in any project… Read More