Labor Savings

Time and labor savings: A top priority

By Soprema. SOPREMA innovation with new products reduces excess labor and costs. SOPREMA is dedicated to innovation. This is seen in our products. We strive to improve product quality while addressing the pain points that contractors face every day on the jobsite. One way we are doing this is by creating new products that provide… Read More

Safety Plan

Innovative Safety Program Provide Complete Safety Plan for Every Rooftop

By Karen L. Edwards, RCS Editor. New safety program helps building owners implement a successful safety program on their rooftops. We love it when we find new, cool, innovative programs being offered in the roofing industry. So, when Weatherproofing Technologies Inc. (WTI), a division of Tremco, told us about their new safety program, we knew… Read More


Choosing a Flat Roof

By IKO. How to find the best options for your commercial roofing project. Although simple and utilitarian, the main goal of a roof system is to maintain the watertight integrity of a building and keep its contents dry. Today’s variety of flat or low slope commercial roofing options (roof pitches ranging from ¼:12 to 3:12)… Read More


SureCoat Systems Launches its “Field Tested” Podcast Series

The new bi-monthly podcast is all about building a cost-effective and sustainable roofing business. It features interviews with different trusted industry experts with discussions focused on educating listeners to make and implement proven business and product reliability practices. SureCoat Systems, an industry leader in the waterproof liquid single-ply market, this week announces the launch of… Read More


Don’t Miss the Next Tremco Talks Live Webinar: December 6, 2018

Tremco Talks live webinars are offered quarterly and provide interesting, relevant and popular educational topics; roofing, sustainability, building envelope, restoration, rooftop safety, indoor building air quality, warranties, energy efficiencies, and much, much more! Have you ever thought about protecting and weatherproofing an entire building envelope by restoring it from the ground up but didn’t know… Read More


Review Roundup: What Customers Think About Gutter Helmet®

It’s easy to advertise that you have a great product and thousands of satisfied customers, but it’s another to prove it with excellent gutter protection system reviews. If you’ve ever thought about Gutter Helmet® and wondered what actual customers think, check out some Gutter Helmet gutter cap reviews from around the country. “Steve, my project… Read More


A Fastener Free metal roofing installation system and a 40-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty? Hello, StealthBond®!

Give your customers the warranty protection and roofing system that their home deserves. Homeowners want the best roofing system to protect their family and their investment. The StealthBond® Installation System fits that bill offering them a screw-less installation method. The use of structural adhesive instead of screw fasteners results in no holes being drilled through… Read More


A Fall Weather Roof Coating Tool to Keep on Hand

By SureCoat Systems. If you’ve been in the coating business for a while now, then you know what it’s like to be a weatherman, right? The weather always impacts the dry times for water-based products. It’s inevitable that you’ll catch a shower or a rainstorm no matter how much you watch the weather channel or… Read More


Rooftop Supports: What Do Adhesive/Sealants Bring to the Party?

By GreenLink. Many, if not most, rooftop supports are loose laid.  This makes for easy installation of pipelines, air conditioning units, conduit and other rooftop equipment, but loose laid supports present a potential for problems down the road. Over time, equipment vibration and wind gusts can cause loose laid supports to migrate across the roof… Read More

shingle dimesnsions

How IKO shingle dimensions provide an advantage

By IKO. Compare the sizes and advantages of every asphalt roofing shingle IKO produces. Once upon a time, traditional strip or 3-tab shingle dimensions, as well as asphalt shingle dimensions, measured 12 inches wide by 36 inches long. These are still considered standard asphalt shingle dimensions. IKO was among the first manufacturers to introduce the… Read More