Powerful Protection and Lasting Performance with Metal-Era

Metal-Era offers larger face height to the Eliminailer-T lineup. Metal-Era is adding a larger face height to the Eliminailer-T lineup. The new 5.25” Eliminailer-T allows for up to 4.57” of polyiso and cover board to be installed direct to the roof’s edge to achieve an R-30. More than half of all roof systems failures are… Read More


The Roof Hugger Story

The Roof Hugger concept was born in 1989 when one of the co-founders needed to re-roof one of his own investment properties. At that time, there was no structurally correct component that allowed the new metal to be installed over sub-purlin that attached directly to the existing building’s roof purlins. That founding partner, D.V. “Red”… Read More


Live Webinar: Learn How Go Roof Tune Up Can Grow Your Business!

Learn how the Go Roof Tune Up system can quickly grow your residential repair and service divisions! Want to just roof? Tired of the business end of contracting? Learn how the Go Roof Tune-Up™ business model can work for you in this informational live webinar. Join Heidi J. Ellsworth and Marty Stout from GoRoofTune-Up™ on… Read More


No Sleepers on the Job

By GREEN LINK Engineering. Why wood sleepers are on their way out. The use of wood sleepers to provide rooftop support for HVAC equipment, pipes, and conduit has been a standard procedure for many years—the method goes way back to the first days when pipes and equipment first began to be installed on roofs. It’s… Read More


It’s the People Behind Fontana Felt Underlayment that Make it Outstanding

The multi-generational company invests in the latest manufacturing technologies but the key to its performance lies in the people behind the brand. Fontana Paper Mills has been an expert in manufacturing asphalt roofing and underlayment for four generations. The family continues to operate Fontana Paper Mills at its original location since 1967 when they purchased… Read More


Duro-Last®, Inc. Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Open House at Saginaw Headquarters

Guests were invited to explore Duro-Last’s unique history through interactive timelines and hands-on product demonstrations. Saginaw, Michigan — Duro-Last®, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated single-ply roofing systems, celebrated their 40th Anniversary with an Open House on May 16th at their Saginaw, Michigan Headquarters. Over 100 guests attended the event – including local contractors,… Read More


The Strength and Quality of Underlayments Equals Strong Warranties

MB Technology offers 10-, 15-, 20- and 30-year warranties on Layfast SBS underlayments. In a world with a large number of options when it comes to roofing underlayments, it is important to look at the strength and quality of what is needed for a high-performance roof such as tile, slate and/or wood. Not all roofing… Read More

Roofing System

The Duro-Last® Roofing System Prefabrication Advantage

Custom-fabrication from Duro-Last: fewer seams equals fewer leaks. When you install a custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, up to 85% of the seams are completed in a factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, Duro-Last dramatically reduces the potential for leaks — and adds… Read More