Metal-Era’s Commitment to Sustainability

Metal-Era takes pride in their commitment to sustainability through continual environmental, social and economic initiatives, both internally and externally. Metal-Era continues to strive to help contractors and building owners achieve important sustainability goals by extending the serviceable life of the roofing envelope.  By providing sustainable roofing products that protect the environment while practicing corporate responsibility is important to… Read More


ALSAN ® RS Pre-Cut Fleece just got faster

By Soprema New ALSAN RS Pre-Cut Fleece eliminates time on the job and reduces waste. To make installation even quicker, we now offer ALSAN RS Pre-Cut Fleece for large and small pipe penetrations and universal corner installations. These products come to you ready to install, eliminate waste and eliminate the time needed to cut fleece on… Read More

Gutter Protection

5 Things to Look for in a Gutter Protection System

By Chelsea Welsh, Gutter Helmet. If a homeowner decides they never want to clean their gutters again, they have two choices: either plan on paying someone to do it regularly, or invest in gutter guards. In the end, most homeowners decide that gutter guards are the most economical and effective option. Here are the considerations… Read More


IKO Introduces Versatile Vapour Barrier Solution

VP Tapes tailored to provide protection from the elements.  IKO recently introduced its new AquaBarrier Vapour Permeable Tapes (VP Tapes), a durable, primeless, user-friendly solution ready to go to work — providing unmatched moisture protection — for any building envelope project. VP Tapes are made from a polyolefin synthetic polymer, making them resistant to rain,… Read More


Tell me more, DUOTACK® SPF Adhesive

Q&A about DUOTACK SPF Adhesive function and installation. Q: What is DUOTACK SPF Adhesive? A: DUOTACK SPF Adhesive is a low pressure, two-component spray polyurethane foam adhesive specially formulated by SOPREMA. DUOTACK SPF was designed to adhere SENTINEL HFB membranes to approved substrates in a spatter pattern application and to adhere insulation and coverboards to… Read More


What is a Roof Tune Up?

By Go Roof Tune Up. A roof tune-up is not exactly the same thing as a roof repair. One of the biggest differences is a tune-up addresses problems before they become an issue. Roof repair is more spot specific and potentially involves higher costs. Here are key points to remember about the importance of a… Read More


Stormseal accreditation gives Hurricane Michael roofers better make-safe solution

In the lead up to the landfall of Hurricane Michael, Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmaier estimated that approximately 500,000 policyholders would be impacted. The aftermath of the storm has seen that number grow even larger with more than $4 billion in damages across the path of the devastating storm. This catastrophe is disastrous for residents… Read More

Food Processing

Roofing solutions for food processing plants

By FiberTite. Any roof damage on critical food processing facilities can have serious negative impacts. Contaminant protection for food processing operations Roofing systems are the first line of defense against food contamination and equipment damage, two impacts with potentially devastating consequences. While businesses in many industries can afford minimal roof leaks for periods of time,… Read More


Why you should consider chemical resistance in your roofing decision

By Jerry Beall, FiberTite. The wrong choice in membrane materials may result in costly damage from chemical exposure. Matchmaking in roofing is a lot like dating — chemistry matters. Matching your needs up with the ideal roofing membrane for the task means looking at how the membrane is made and what it’s likely to face… Read More


Who’s afraid of a big roof? Nobody who has a VARIMAT V2

No VARIMAT V2 owner has been afraid of big roofs since the membrane of the roof of the new Amazon Logistics Center in Vercelli, Italy, were welded with VARIMAT V2 in July 2017 of last year.   Successful under time pressure and temperature fluctuations 108,000 square meters of roof area – as large as 15… Read More