The Head and Heart of Safety

By Karen Cates. Make safety more than a lesson, make it an emotional commitment. Important messages don’t really stick the first time you share them with your workers.  Research has demonstrated that new information must be shared at least seven times for it to be fully processed and adopted. One roofing executive in NRCA’s Future… Read More

Roofing Workers

Fire Chiefs, Ballet Dancers and Roofing Workers

By Karen Cates. Children’s book encourages kids to consider a career in roofing. Fire chiefs and ballet dancers are officially on notice. Children, ages three to twelve, are talking about doing much more when asked what they want to be when they grow up. According to one national survey, girls and boys as young as… Read More

Fall Protection

Choosing the Right Fall Protection

By Michell Pratt for National Women in Roofing. Fall Protection can pose its own set of challenges for proper fit and comfort for female employees. Personal Protective Equipment has been made for many years. However, with women becoming more commonplace in the industrial/construction industry, employers have a responsibility to ensure that all of their workers… Read More


2017 OSHA Reporting Deadline Approaching

This year’s deadline for submitting your 2017 OSHA reports is July 1, 2018. For the first time, all submissions must be made online via OSHA’s website. If you are an employer in a ‘high risk industry’ (like construction) and employ anywhere between 20 and 249 employees, you must submit your OSHA 300A forms online before next month’s… Read More

commercial roof

Generating Revenue with Commercial Roof Maintenance

By Jennifer Long, GAF. Successful roof maintenance program requires proper tools and personnel, relationship building and a business plan. Studies say we only get 6.5 seconds to capture someone’s attention before their mind wanders off to some other message. If I had 6.5 seconds to communicate the wisdom of looking into commercial roof maintenance, I’d… Read More

Metal Roof

When is Coating a Metal Roof Not the Best Choice?

By Mark James and Dale Nelson, Roof Hugger, LLC Retrofit Systems. Millions of square feet of existing metal roofs are coated each year, but before assuming all metal roofs are suitable for coating you should look a little deeper. From time-to-time, roofing contractors will encounter an existing metal roof coating project only to be challenged… Read More


Steep-Slope Strategies for Roofing

By Atlas Roofing. Risks, Considerations and Best Practices for Contractors. Many contractors treat residential roofing as routine. However, whether a reroof or new construction, each project is infinitely complex and should be addressed as such by always accounting for weather and safety issues, as well as proper installation and customer service. One of the most… Read More