The best way to repair a tile roof system is to do a lift and relay

By Go Roof Tune Up. Tile Roofing, is a two-part roof system, the underlayment, and the tile. Part 1 is the underlayment that is installed over the wood decking. The underlayment is felt or roofing paper whose main job is to keep out the moisture. High quality felt must meet ASTM standards in order for… Read More

Are Single-Ply Wide Width Membrane Rolls Really a Benefit to Contractors?

By Jason Stanley, CEO, IB Roof Systems. As manufacturers compete to be the lowest cost producer, membrane rolls have grown in size, but at what cost to the contractor? Do you ever wonder why restaurants promote a fresh fish special or catch of the day? It’s often because they have too much product that will… Read More


Self-Adhered Roofing Trends

By Soprema. Understanding the function and importance of rapidly growing self-adhered roofing systems. The Rise of Self-Adhered Roofing Self-adhered roofing systems are on the rise and looking at the trends in the roofing industry over the last ten years, we expect to continue to see this sector grow. Before digging into the trends and why… Read More


How workplace injuries impact profitability for roofing companies

By IKO. Prevention can reduce serious employee injury or death and increase profits. Workplace injury costs in the roofing industry. We all know that working in the construction industry, and specifically roofing, comes with risks. Roofers face a variety of hazards on the job, including those associated with working at height, ladders, power tools, electricity,… Read More


Solar power in the desert or on roofs – what are the pros and cons

By Thomas J Taylor, PhD, GAF. Rooftop solar arrays on commercial buildings offer more realistic alternative to massive solar projects. It has been said that all of the US could be powered by a solar array covering 100 x 100 square miles in the desert, linked to storage batteries covering 1 x 1 square mile…. Read More


“Sustainable” and “Resilience” — are they related, the same, or opposites

By Thomas J Taylor, PhD, GAF. Understanding the differences between the two are critical to material and design choices. Most people in the built environment community are aware that using and specifying sustainable and resilient materials and designs is “the right thing to do.” There has been and continues to be industry discussions about the… Read More


Regular Roof Maintenance Prevents Costly Problems

By Kevin Cooper. Gardens and lakes are beautiful — unless they’re sitting on your roof. Ponding water on a low slope roof can cause serious damage, and preventing it is often as simple as basic maintenance. The pictures in this post show just what can happen if you don’t regularly maintain a roof, but the… Read More


It’s time for your customers to winterize their homes

By Chelsea Welsh, Gutter Helmet®. Share these tips from Gutter Helmet with your customers to help them prepare for winter and then learn how you can become a Gutter Helmet dealer. Although it seems like we were sweltering in the heat just weeks ago, winter is now around the corner. You may have the heat… Read More