Protective Equipment

Factors to Consider When Choosing Personal Protective Equipment

By Michele Pratt for National Women in Roofing. Ensuring that you and your employees are warm and safe while wearing proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is not an easy task. In selecting PPE, there are certain third parties such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) that certify equipment for efficacy.  Equipment without ANSI approval has… Read More


CRF 4: membrane reflectivity

By Don Kilcoyne , GAF. Use of cool reflective roofs can save $735 million in annual energy costs and reduce pollutants. In this installment, the GAF ProBlog continues a series called Commercial Roofing Fundamentals. As an introduction to commercial roofing, the series provides an overview of some of the key concepts that are driving industry… Read More

Crane Operator

OSHA Updates Final Crane Operator Rule

By Cotney Construction Law. Employers and crane operators must act fast to ensure they both meet the new criteria set forth by OSHA. Per OSHA’s publication in the Federal Register on November 9, 2018, the requirements for crane operator certification will take effect on December 10, 2018, and the requirements for employers to evaluate/document crane… Read More


Out of sight, out of mind = out of pocket

By Tremco Roofing. TremCare™ roof maintenance program options fit your budget and prevent emergency repairs. We’re all familiar with the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind.” This rings especially true when it comes to maintaining a roofing system, which is often ignored because it’s rarely within direct view. However, roofs get the unrelenting worst… Read More


4 advantages of metal for your customer’s roof

By StealthBond®. Provide a roof with longer lifespan, lower energy bills, eco-friendly option and custom look. Choosing the right roofing system for your customer’s roof bears a lot of consideration. As a homeowner, they should consider options that are durable and effective at providing their roof with protection against wind, water, and heat damage. While… Read More

Roof coating

Episode 3 of The Building Science FAQ series: What is a roof coating?

By GAF. The Building Science FAQ video series explores some of the technical questions that crop up when specifying a low-slope roof. In this episode, Jennifer Keegan, Director of Building and Roof Science, GAF, and Jim Kirby, Building and Roofing Science Architect, GAF, address a deceptively straightforward question: “What is a roof coating?” Answering that… Read More


Impressive Advancements in the Roofing Industry

By StealthBond. Patented StealthBond® metal roofing system eliminates screws and withstands harshest conditions. We’ve come a long way in roofing installation. Technology has made it possible to improve the methods for protecting our homes. The goal of any roof is performance. The materials used need to defend dwellings against harsh weather and climates to keep… Read More


Ice Dams Cometh: MRA Advises Homeowners on How to Avoid Costly Winter Damage

As Below-Zero Temperatures Strike, Leading Industry Alliance Says Rooftop Readiness Is Essential Baby, it’s cold outside and while up on the rooftop the reindeer may paw, if the home has ice dams, it could lead to unpleasant surprises this winter. Winter rooftop ice dams can cause major damage, wreak havoc on roof durability and can… Read More


Women in the Roofing Industry: Statistics, Support & Achievement – IKO

Meta: Women can reach the pinnacle of the roofing industry. Learn about women’s contributions and the organizations that help recruit and retain their talent. By Carol Perkins, IKO. How Women are Helping to Advance the Roofing Profession Women are getting more involved in the roofing industry every day. Now, you can find women at the… Read More

roof ladder

How to choose the right roof ladder for the job

By IKO. Choosing the correct ladder for your job will provide greater safety and quicker installation. As a residential roofer, your tools are an important part of everyday life. When used properly and chosen carefully they can help keep you safe, make the job go more smoothly and allow your work to really shine. Choosing… Read More