Are You Prepared to Handle Harassment Claims?

By Cotney Construction Law. With sexual harassment in the spotlight lately, it’s important to be prepared when it comes up in your business. The construction industry by and large has been male dominated. The modern trend, however, has seen the construction workforce filled with more and more women. On top of that, the media has… Read More


Are certification and trade programs the future of our industry?

By SOPREMA. Programs can ease labor shortage by attracting young workers, and increase skill sets of all industry professionals. How can defined certification programs benefit our industry? Many construction trade disciplines provide clear-cut roles based on training and certification levels. For example, in carpentry, it is known that after you have worked in the industry… Read More


What to do in the aftermath of a hurricane Part 1

By Cotney Construction Law. Recovery plan needs to include communication, damage assessment, and recordkeeping. Hurricane season is upon us, and the residents of North Carolina have already been impacted by Hurricane Florence. As people across the country face the challenge of rebuilding their lives and communities, we must still brace ourselves for the possibility of… Read More


How to Protect Your Metal Roof During Hurricane Season

By StealthBond®. Share these great tips with your customers who own homes with metal roofs. Hurricane season is upon us, and many Floridians are preparing their home for the potential stormy weather. Florida is ranked number one in states that are most likely to be affected by hurricanes and rain because of its location in… Read More


Vegetated roofing tax incentives

By Soprema. Could you be saving on your next vegetated roof? Before jumping into the details of incentives and how you can be saving money on your vegetated roof, let’s take a quick look at why cities are promoting vegetated roofs.  A few of the reasons we are seeing cities encouraging this style of roofing… Read More

Brent Dudgeon

Keep Craft Alive Profile: Brent Dudgeon

By CertainTeed. Three keys to success: Work hard, work smart, and work now. Name: Brent Dudgeon, President North Central Insulation Inc. Field: Insulation How I Got Started: I started in high school helping my brother with insulation work. It was a part-time job, working on the weekends. I was an average student in high school… Read More


How to Properly Stack Shingles on a Roof

By IKO. Disclaimer: Please use caution when stacking bundles on sloped roofs. To save time, most roofers prefer to stack several shingle bundles on the roof before beginning to install them. However, shingles can be damaged if they are stored or stacked incorrectly, which may reduce the life span of the roof. Stacking bundles properly… Read More


Reducing Falls During Residential Construction: Re-Roofing

Courtesy of OSHA and WSRCA. Re-roofing exposes workers to the hazards of demolition work at heights. With the proper fall protection, the risk of serious falls can be substantially reduced. This fact sheet highlights some of the hazards workers encounter during re-roofing and lists some practical methods employers can use to protect workers who replace… Read More


Top Five Issues Facing Building and Roofing Science Today

By Don Kilcoyne. The following is a transcript of a recent interview for the GAF ProBlog. You can listen directly, or download the interview here. Please note, the following conversation is intended as a general discussion of certain trends and issues in the roofing industry.  It does not address GAF product offerings and makes no… Read More