The Term ‘Diversity’ is Often Misunderstood

RCS Influencer Heidi Ellsworth says that diversity comes from finding the right person for the right job, regardless of race, gender or age. I am a huge advocate of diversity but sometimes I think that the term is misunderstood.  When I talk about diversity in business, I feel it means finding the right person for… Read More


Embracing Diversity Starts From The Top

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says that you can look at any company’s top leadership team and see how much the company embraces diversity. It’s easy to be diverse on the frontline but how much does a company want diversity of thought in how a company is led? Look at the board room or the leadership… Read More


Three Steps to Creating and Supporting a Diverse Workplace Environment

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says that companies need to have a commitment to diversity, non-discrimination, and non-harassment in their workplace.   In light of the current labor shortage in the industry and the national conversation sparked by the #Metoo movement regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, never before has the importance of embracing and fostering… Read More

jennifer stone

Diversity is What Brings Big Ideas to the Table

RCS Influencer Jennifer Stone says that a company that does not bring everyone to the table from all walks of life is a company that is going to struggle to be embraced in the future. This month’s topic on diversity is of course near and dear to my heart. As a woman in our industry… Read More