Allied Building Products Offers Free Trial of CompanyCam App to Contractors

Allied Edge Mobile App

The CompanyCam App allows contractors to take photos, draw on the images, write notes and safely store and share the documentation with crews and office staff.

Running an efficient business can be challenging when most of the business operations take place outside of the office. Contractors go into the field to meet home and business owner and inspect the jobsite in order to prepare estimates. There is often the need to take notes, jot down special requests, note measurements and conditions. With CompanyCam, contractors can take photos, draw on the images, write notes and safely store and share the documentation their crew and office.

Key features include:

  • Connect everyone’s photos to a job site and see them instantly
  • Access them anywhere – know more so you worry less
  • Be up and running with CompanyCam in five minutes
  • Draw on the photos and write notes that stay attached to the photos
  • Share hundreds of photos in seconds with a simple link
  • CompanyCam updates in real time
  • You can see the work as it’s happening so you can solve problems before they cost you money

Allied contractors receive a 30-day free trial by visiting

How does CompanyCam help contractors?
Ralph is a hard working contractor who recently discovered CompanyCam and began using it with great results. While inspecting some damaged siding and roofing for a local homeowner, Ralph was able to snap a picture, write the dimensions, make a few notes and instantly share the updated photos with his office for a fast estimate.

His crew members use the app to snap pictures while a job is in progress. Ralph is able to monitor the job while he is away ensuring the job is going smoothly while freeing up his time to earn new business.

For more information, watch the video or visit to get started today.

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