Acme Cone Celebrates 10 Years of Business Success with Prefabricated Flashings

prefabricated flashings

Acme Cone prefabricated flashings are made for roofers by roofers and their success is evidenced by the continued growth over the last 10 years.

Acme Cone began 10 years ago after Curt Large, owner of Evergreen Roofing of Oregon began fabricating his flashings in a small, garage-sized facility rather than in the field.  His company specializes in commercial low-slope roofing and he knew it was taking his crews a large amount of time to create flashings on the roof. Large tried to purchase pre-fabricated parts and found it to be difficult and expensive with quality not measuring up to his high standards.  That’s when he decided to make his own.

After realizing significant time savings and efficiencies through using the prefabricated flashings, Large figured that other contractors would have an interest in the products too. He began showing his premade flashings at industry tradeshows around the country which gave him the opportunity to meet other contractors and manufacturers. Interest began to grow and so did the company.

Fast forward 10 years and the company is now in a large warehouse with offices that has a footprint of about 10,000 square feet. Two years ago, Large brought Tim Luck on board as CFO to help with operations and finance. When asked what he thinks the company’s key to success is, it didn’t take Luck long to answer. “I think it has to do with Curt’s eye toward quality,” stated Luck. “He wouldn’t look at anything that he isn’t willing to put his name on. We have experimented with machinery but if it affects quality in any way, Curt doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

Luck says that all of their flashings are fabricated using a precision cutting CNC machine and then hand welded by a master welder for the highest quality. Acme has a strict quality control process with each weld being inspected by a second person. “In our company’s history, we have never had a product returned to us because of a bad weld. We’re pretty proud of that,” said Luck.

The future is bright for Acme Cone. Luck says that next step in the business growth will be to ramp up in sales and marketing. He says growth will also come from the changing demographics in the roofing industry.  “As more of the older, skilled contractors with years of experience begin to retire, a younger generation is taking their place. They don’t have the years under their belt to create good flashings on the roof and it can take years to learn because ever roof is different, each situation is unique,” explained Luck.  “Acme Cone employs master welders so contractors don’t have to. A new roofer that’s only been on the job a week can easily install one of our premade flashings without having to learn the intricacies behind fabricating it on site.”

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