5 Photos you Should be Taking for Every Roofing Job to Promote Your Business


Photos deliver an important message about your workmanship and experience.

By Bea Bonte, Northface Construction.

Any good roofing company owner knows the value in showing off their high-quality work. Nothing does that better than a photograph of your completed projects. Having a variety of high-quality pictures of recent projects can help enhance your company website, portfolio, social media and other marketing assets, giving the potential client a good idea of your work. In fact, social posts with a visual aspect receive 120-180 percent more engagement from viewers than a post with just text, according to the Social Media Examiner.

Not only that, it also shows them that you have experience under your belt – something that is vital for the roofing industry.

Of course, just snapping a few blurry photos with your smartphone isn’t enough – a thoughtful, high-quality photograph of the right aspects of your project can go a long way in convincing a prospect to sign on the dotted line. Here’s a quick explanation of five promotional pictures you should be taking every time you finish a roofing job.

1- Close, cropped view of the roof
The first item you need to photograph is, of course, a close, cropped view that shows the details of the finished roof. This allows your potential customers to examine your work.

2 – Full-view, front angle of the house
The second photograph you should take is an angled view of the front of the house so the prospect can see how the finished project blends with the rest of the house’s aesthetic. Take pictures of the home roofing projects that most resemble your ideal client – for example, if you’re looking for high-end customers, take pictures of the sprawling estates you serve.

3 – Top-down shot
If possible, get a shot of the roof from above. You may need to go to a neighboring home or employ the use of a cherry picker to get this shot, but it’s well worth it. This captures more of the roof’s surface area within the photo and gives the user a unique look at the final product.

4 – Action shots
While pictures of the project itself are incredibly important, it’s just as essential to get pictures of your team working on the project. This brings a human element to the project and lets potential customers see your team in action. Before using the photo, be sure everyone in it is wearing the proper safety gear.

5 – Team members and happy client
Once the project has wrapped and your client is happy with the work that’s been done, grab a few of your workers and take a picture with the homeowner. This gives the prospect a chance to envision themselves working with you, sharing the same smiling faces of satisfied customers.

To improve your website, portfolio, social media and promote your business, the right photos are key. Now that you know which pictures you need to close more business, try these tactics out for yourself!

About the author: Bea Bonte is a Marketing Associate for Northface Construction, a roofing and siding company in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who loves to help connect homeowners in need with the best possible quality in roofing services.

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