23 Marketing Mistakes Roofers Make – Mistake # 23 Not Using Education to Sell your Roofing Services


By Art Unlimited.

Working in the roofing industry for over a decade has allowed Art Unlimited the opportunity to identify the dead giveaways that hurt a business’s marketing. Each week, we’ll be sharing those common mistakes.

Mistake # 23 Not Using Education to Sell your Roofing Services

Consumers today are researchers. They are looking for information on the web everywhere to better understand their problem before calling in an expert. If you can offer important, helpful information to your customers when they need it, you gain their trust.

Your roofing website content should be all about helping your customers:

  1. Identify what their problem is
  2. Offer them ways they can go about solving this problem
  3. Tell them how to avoid this problem in the future
  4. Advise them to connect with help when the problem is too big for them to handle alone

If you can hit all of these points before your customer even picks up the phone to call you, your sales team needs a pay cut—your website has done half of their job for them! (If your sales team works with your marketing team to help create this website content, then maybe you can keep their pay the same). Customers are getting fully educated before even speaking with a representative about a service and are more ready to purchase than ever before. Honest education is your pathway to proving you truly care about your roofing customers.

This is what we do best! Educating customers to help them make the right marketing decisions for their roofing business. Interested in learning more about how we can help your roofing business grow? Contact us today!

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