Live Training! From An Expert Who Billed Millions in Jobs From the Start.. With This Same Program.

Join us on February 21 at 2:00 pm ET/11 am PT to learn how to manage a successful, profitable maintenance division in your roofing company.

Presented by Jesse Martinson of SureCoat Systems. 

Contractors attending this webinar will learn from Jesse how he developed a successful maintenance division that is very profitable. He will walk attendees through the program and demonstrate through project case studies how to create a new or better profit center and how to project out the revenue that will come in future years.

Jesse’s method results in strong, ongoing relationships with building owners and facility managers that bring work for years to come.

After the webinar, contractors will have access to a toolkit that contains a template to help them implement the program in their own businesses.


Meet the presenter:
Jesse started in the construction industry at the auspicious age of 17 in the family remodeling and drywall business. He continued to work in the family biz, developing numerous skill sets and learning how to build new things until one day he was needed to take over for his stepfather because of failing health. With the drive to continue to provide the industry with honest and professional work, he saw the start of something new before him, his own company.

With five plus contracting licenses and expertise in 10 plus trades, Jesse has built just about everything over the years. His extensive knowledge base gives him the opportunity to engineer each project site and product from scratch and to position each moving part into the final product. Jesse isn’t just the roofer or the framer he is an expert at integrating building components for the best overall function of the building itself.

In the late 90’s, Jesse saw a need emerging in the industry. As a contractor, he was buying up roofing materials, and the majority were not performing as they were marketed or promised to deliver. When angry customers and failed products came to rise, he found out the hard way that the big box companies have big departments that tell you a product will do something, and when it doesn’t, they have even bigger departments to tell you what they’re going to do to fix it which is usually nothing. He was frustrated and not to mention liable for big projects and even BIGGER money, with no solution. So he found one for himself. When in working on formulating a product that was reliable, a potential partner with a marine product approached him, and a beautiful sticky white goo known as SureCoat was born.

Jesse is a man of the field, he spends every day out on rooftops and project sites. That’s where the customer is, and that’s where the projects and products are being put into motion. This is where his passions have indeed carved a unique niche out in the industry coming from the construction side, building up his business as a contractor and working innovativley to provide consistency and resolve issues of so many that rely on him. He is not only the contractor but the engineer, the product developer, the field tester, the head customer service rep and most importantly the guy up top.

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As an added bonus SureCoat will be providing a Workbook for all guests attending the webinar – to take notes. Also, for those who have stayed until the end of the webinar, they are giving away 10 FREE SureCoat repair kits in a live drawing – and templates of the exact Maintenance Program documents Jesse uses for his program. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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