Younger Employees Bring New Perspectives and Are Open to New Ideas

Sarah weiss

RCS Influencer Sarah Weiss says that younger employees should also be willing to learn from their more experienced team members.

We love bringing young people into our company! Young people often bring fresh ideas and make us question the way we do things today (for the better!).

We often start younger team members on the counter in inside sales or in an operational position, depending on their skill sets. We find that our customers often enjoy working with people who are of their own generation.

Having a multi-generational team puts us in a better position to service our customers. The younger people we bring on are very comfortable texting, emailing, facetiming, etc. with our customers. They are pushing us to upgrade our technological systems and improve our service through real-time reporting.

They are also very open to new ideas, technologies and processes. That being said, the right young person for Elite is someone who is open to learning from the team members who have 10-30 years of experience, they are willing to be humble and realize all that they don’t yet know.

We talk about that when we are interviewing but it isn’t until someone comes on board that we truly know if they will be able to walk that line.

Sarah Weiss is a founding partner and COO of Elite Roofing Supply. Her full bio can be found here.

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