Technology Not Only Makes You the Best Roofing Company, But the Best Company

RCS Influencer Charles Antis says that with the rapid pace of technology development, it is crucial to integrate it as it is developed.

Please read the transcription of this video below:

Hi, it’s Charles Antis, CEO and found at Antes Roofing and Waterproofing here in Irvine, California, and this month’s question on the Roofers Coffee Shop is, “What technologies are you using, and how do you integrate them into your business?”

I will talk more theoretical. There are a lot of great technologies, great apps we’re using, harness safety software. I’m not going to mention others. I’ll let Karen, our COO, talk more about that, but we are down to have the best company, period.

We’re not setting out to be the best roofing company. We are setting out to be the best company, period. And how can we possibly be the best company if we’re not integrating the latest technologies? This counts when you’re ERP assisting, which is your ability to track all of the communications with your customer.

We have to have the latest. We’re integrating a new ERP system now, so every touch we have with any of our stakeholders is recorded. We upload 6,000 to 8,000 photos a day, so we need a compatible tool, which we have a late, recently developed software tool, which works better than our old way of hand manipulating them into the system.

We have a theory that change will occur at a much more rapid place, even though the last 10 years have seen a more rapid change than we’ve ever seen before. And because this change is going to be so exponential and overwhelming, we have to embrace technology as it occurs in our business.

The roofing industry will change so much with the use of drones, robotics, as solar becomes a more factor in the housing market. So we have to be ready. We make ourselves champions for change, and we celebrate millennials and new ideas. Have a great month. Thank you.



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  1. Todd Hutcheson

    Wondering what estimating software you recommend and also the photo uploading app you mentioned in the video.

    • KarenSharp

      Todd – Charles is on the run today, but he wanted to make sure you received a reply. Here is the information that we received from him:
      Estimating Tool – The Estimating Edge who we’ve seen as part of RT3
      Photo Tool we use – CompanyCam


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