Older and Younger Generations Must Feel Comfortable Sharing with Each Other


RCS influencer Maria Alcala says that sharing knowledge both ways is the key to generations working together successfully.

Working with younger generations results in the more seasoned staff sharing their expertise and wisdom and it also benefits the younger team members by allowing them to obtain the education and information they need to succeed in their field. Sharing the knowledge is important because millennials want to feel a purpose. By sharing the wealth of knowledge, the seasoned staff will feel they are contributing to a growing field.

What we would be able to teach our youth is the continued work ethic, product knowledge, great customer service as well as how to succeed in the field. The younger staff can teach the older generation as well, assisting with more of the new technology that the industry is often slow to embrace. Understanding and learning about these technologies can result in more electronic and internet-based networking opportunities, and social media outreach. The young staff also stir up conversations, in a positive way by seeing things in a new and different light.

By encouraging an open, two-way environment and being able to ask questions between generations may result in the communications that may have not ever happened. We all want our companies to grow and be everlasting, but in order to do so, we must keep learning and continue to pass on the information.

Maria Alcala is an inside sales representative for SRS Distribution, Santa Ana, California. See her full bio here.

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