Manage by the Numbers


RCS Influencer Rudy Gutierrez says setting production goals ahead of time can help manage the waste factor.

In an interview with Rudy Gutierrez, CEO of Shell Roofing, he notes that time and productivity is a problem that every company deals with, no matter the type or size of company.  “I learned a long time ago as a project manager that I needed to manage by the numbers not the time.  At Shell Roofing, we have found that a productive eight-man crew can do 160 squares a day and a very productive crew can do up to 180.”

Gutierrez empowers his superintendents with clear numbers they want to hit for each job, every day. “We give the numbers to the superintendent and they then make those numbers happen.  By setting goals ahead of a project or installation it helps to cut some of the waste factor.  In the office, we can see the level of output and activity. In the field, it is harder to track so we do it by the square per person.”

“It is very rare that we do not hit our numbers.  We also incentivize by the numbers and when we see savings we share it with our employees.  We add incentives per squares delivered.”

For Shell Roofing, keeping it to the numbers continues to make it clear and concise for all.  They have found that it is a much easier way to run their business.  When you stay in the black it is more fun for all, employees, management and ownership alike.

Gutierrez is looking at new technologies to enhance the process.  “I have seen companies that have a card system that is scanned up on the roof.  It saves a lot of money and we are looking at that for the future.  Today it is still about developing checks and balances that are determined by setting goals and expectations upfront for every job.  Safety is first, it costs a lot of money to be safe but if you don’t make that first then you really lose time.”

Rudy Gutierrez, Shell Roofing Solutions is president and CEO of Shell Roofing Solutions. See his full bio here.


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