Make Sure the Technology You are Using Will Make You a More Efficient Operation

RCS Influencer Marty Stout says that any company that is not embracing technology and driving to stay “on the cutting edge” will not be able to continue to be competitive and remain relevant.

In 1984 when we got our first two car phones we thought we were “on the cutting edge” and we were. Contractors need to embrace technology to continue to be competitive. They should also ask themselves, ‘what technologies are we not using?’ At my company, we are actively implementing all of the technology we can get our hands on.

Here is a look at the technology we are using:

We use a cloud-based platform for our CRM which we have programmed to be our job file from first phone call to the reminder we get to make a phone call to the customer when the warranty has run out so we can sell another Tune Up. This allows us to address a question from anywhere at any time.

We use a cloud-based platform that routes our incoming calls to the next available call center person who is working from their home.

We use aerial imagery for take offs for both estimating and material breakdowns. These are attached in our job file and are then reviewed by our estimating team (who work from remote locations) so that pricing can be completed.

We use the Facetime app for collaborating with inspectors while they are on a job that may have a tough detail or an odd question that needs to be addressed.

We use mapping programs to help route our teams to be efficient.

We use iPhone attachments that make the camera infrared, so we can see moisture.

I haven’t signed a document with an ink pen in I don’t know how long. PDF files are a standard. We are as close to a paperless office as we can be, and I continue to work to eliminate what little paper is left.

Without the internet we could not run our business to the size and scope we do. The key is to make sure that the technology you are using will in the long run make you a more efficient operation. The down side is that most technology is not cheap.

Martin Stout is president of Go Roof Tune Up, Inc.  See his full bio here.


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