How has your drug-free policy changed with today’s new state laws?

drug-free policy

Thank you for reading through our inaugural RCS Roofing Influencer’s topic on “How has your Drug-free Policy changed with today’s new state laws?”

We came up with this idea on a drug-free policy topic after reading a very thought-provoking post on the old forum. This was years before marijuana was legal and the concerns and opinions expressed are even more relevant now.

We thought to pose this topic to our diverse group of Influencers and each has submitted his/her response on the posts you see under this section. Please learn more about our RCS Roofing Influencers here.

We are posting responses here on the site under our Roofing Influencers tab and also on our new RCS Roofing Influencers Group on LinkedIn.  We are trying this new shared interactive approach to expand our reach.  We encourage you to participate in this important conversation in either location.

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