Diversity Can be a Challenge but it’s Important to Keep Trying and Have a Positive Attitude


On the Diversity topic RCS Influencer Jon Stantz says that we need to be open to anyone who wants to work in the roofing trade.

We certainly have a more diverse customer base than we did thirty years ago but not so much our workforce. Recruiting anyone into the trade is difficult at best, mostly due to the tough work and weather conditions. We do not have any large ethnic groups within twenty miles of our office/warehouse nor are there any women that want to work on our roofing crew.

During my roofing career, diversity means desire to learn more, better education and training, the ability to adapt to your work whether it be shingles on a homeowner’s house or a large commercial project. Let’s keep a positive attitude, that usually helps the most.

Jon Stantz is a supervisor, salesperson and repairman for Pell Roofing and Siding in Brazil, Indiana. See his full bio here.



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