Associations Provide Resources that Help Businesses Run with Fewer Headaches


RCS Influencer Jon Stantz says the best benefit lies in the members themselves and the networking opportunities that come with being involved.

The question has been asked – what are your feelings about joining associations related to your work? We are currently members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the Midwest Contractors Roofing Association (MRCA) and there are definite benefits to be utilized from these organizations.

I would say the best benefit is the members themselves, good contacts to ask questions about a difficult roof situation or needing extra help on a large project. We have several companies that we work together with or share information for the common good. Also, there are lots of safety papers, product information, webinars, etc. available through these associations that will help you run your business with fewer headaches. And please don’t forget the NRCA is gaining ground as a positive influence on Capitol Hill for the entire roofing industry.

I think it is important for the entire roofing industry to be involved, whether you are an installer, consultant, engineer or a supplier, at the very least on a local level with home builder associations, chambers of commerce, charitable organizations, etc. We need people who will reach out to learn, to help, to make our part of the world a better place.

Jon Stantz is a supervisor, salesperson and repairman for Pell Roofing and Siding in Brazil, Indiana. See his full bio here.

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