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associations help

RCS Influencer Maria Alcala says that associations help build careers.

I have had firsthand experience on how associations can help establish and grow your career.  When I started in roofing, I knew very few women in the business. However, since joining National Women in Roofing (NWIR), I have met so many women who have shared their networks, knowledge and mentoring with me.  They can relate on how it feels to be working in what some would say is a “man’s role.”

Associations help build confidence, assist with networking and allow people to be a part of what they are passion about. In addition, associations bring professionals together to raise awareness and make the industry better.  The networking and sharing of knowledge within an association like NWIR is a great feeling. Being able to receive mentoring, education and overall knowledge from association resources and other members is what has helped to take my career to new heights.

Here is some information from the NWIR website, “National Women in Roofing (NWIR) is a volunteer-based organization that supports and advances the careers of women roofing professionals. We provide networking, mentoring, education and recruitment opportunities from the rooftop to the boardroom, for the young professional at the start of her career to the seasoned manager in the executive suite.”

“The focus of the association is to connect and empower women so that their training and leadership skills can help drive the overall betterment and professionalism of the roofing industry. Our membership also includes and welcomes men who support the inclusion of women in the roofing industry. Working together, we are bringing the industry to a new level of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component to the future of roofing.”

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Maria Alcala is an inside sales representative for SRS Distribution, Santa Ana, California. See her full bio here.

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